Healthcare is one of the fastest growing and most popular degree programs available; however, it is no secret that these programs aren’t cheap. When people decide to invest their money into a medical assistant degree program, it is important for people to ensure that they are going to be rewarded with not only a great job but a solid career path as well. There are a number of factors that people need to consider before committing to a certain program and finding the right school should be foremost. Ultimately, the top five medical assistant degree programs are Herzing University, Bryant and Stratton College, Kaplan College, Ultimate Medical College and Harrison College.

The Top Five Medical Assistant Degree Programs

  • Herzing University
  • Bryant and Stratton College
  • Kaplan College
  • Ultimate Medical College
  • Harrison College

Herzing University

Many people haven’t heard of Herzing University; however, this is a gem that should not be overlooked. They offer an associate’s degree in the medical assisting field that can give everyone the head start on their career that they have been so desperately looking for. In fact, people can complete the associate’s degree in anywhere from 16 to 24 months. This means that people don’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time completing their training. On the other side, people can sit for the certification exams that students need to pass before starting their career in the medical assisting field. This program offers classes in a handful of states across the country.


  • Herzing University offers an associate’s degree in medical assisting.
  • Students are prepared to sit for their board exams.
  • Students can complete the program in multiple states all over the country.

Bryant and Stratton College

This college offers a degree called an Associate’s of Applied Science. This is a degree that qualifies people to start a career in medical assisting. This program lasts two years and allows students to take a wide variety of courses in the medical sciences as well as the medical arts. It also encourages programs to complete clinical work to ensure they are prepared for their future career. This college has programs located in Ohio, New York, Virginia, and Wisconsin.


  • The Bryant and Stratton College program gives students an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science.
  • The program lasts two years and combines a liberal arts education with heir medical coursework.
  • The program has locations in four states.

Kaplan College

Without a doubt, most people are familiar with Kaplan because of their preparation materials for a variety of standardized tests ranging from the SAT all the way up to medical boards. Kaplan also has a college that trains people for a career in medical assisting. Their biggest benefit is that their diploma program is completed in a year. The program is also offered in over 40 locations spread all over the country. While their program is short, it is accredited and allows students to sit for their certification programs in half the time of other programs.


  • Kaplan has 40 locations spread all over the country.
  • Their program requires only one year to complete.
  • Students are still accredited to sit for their board exams.

Ultimate Medical Academy

With a name like this, the program better be solid. In fact, it is one of the best. This program grants students an Associate’s Degree in Administrative Medical Assisting. The program takes between 60 and 90 weeks which gives students the flexibility to tailor their program to meet their individual needs. Students also focus on one course at a time with each course lasting five weeks.


  • The program gives students an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting.
  • The program takes between 60 and 90 weeks depending on the student.
  • Each course is 5 weeks long. Students focus on one course at a time.

Harrison College

This is one of the highest quality programs in medical assisting in the country. It was founded over 110 years ago. The program takes two years to finish and combines a unique mix of clinical experience and classroom work. Their students have an unparalleled level of success in job placement after graduation.


  • This program has over 110 years of experience training medical assistants.
  • The program requires two years to finish and combines clinical work with classroom work.
  • Students are easily able to find a job after graduation.


In the end, people need to think carefully about where they want to complete their training because this will impact the career prospects that await on the other side of that program. Carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of every program before deciding.