When it comes to banking, most people assume that it is just a place to get loans, deposit money, and maybe insurance. What may come as a surprise is that some banks have special features and perks available to high net worth individuals (HNWI) while other banks are only available to patrons with a large bank account. We will be covering the top six private banks and what you can do with them. Read on to learn more about these private banks that are definitely worth considering.

Top Six Private Banks:

  • BMO Private Bank
  • Citi
  • Goldman Sachs
  • HSBC Private Bank’s Perks
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Morgan Stanley


BMO Private Bank has for many years continued to be recognized among the best private banks in the world due to its vision of turning everything into a relationship. They pride themselves on not just being a bank, but a bank that strives to build strong and lasting connections with customers. BMO also has a heavy focus on redundancy, making sure that they check and re-check over plans and transactions when it comes to monitoring and maintaining clients’ investments. Bankers work hard to make sure no buying or selling is too risky for the client’s taste.


  • Award Winning Private Bank.
  • Relationship Drive Service.
  • All Experienced investors.

Citi Private Bank’s Investors have layered defenses

Private banking clients often invest in stocks and bonds to put their money to good use. Citi Private Bank prides itself on being a private bank that has some of the best investment options and brokers in the business. Utilizing a risk assessment system when looking over purchases or sales, they plan for their clients and believe in taking innovative, rational actions that incorporate risk management and excellent portfolio construction. Citi Private Bank is also happy to offer easy-to-reach brokers and customer service professionals to help alleviate or answer questions that customers might have.


  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment Strategies.
  • Strong Risk Management.
  • Excellent Customer Service Relationship.

Goldman Sachs

If you have been in finance for any length of time, the name Goldman Sachs is very familiar. Having been the leader in many areas of finances, they have brought years of customer service and excellent banking benefits to their customers and their clients. One of the best parts about investment opportunities with Goldman Sachs is that being a worldwide bank, they have a good hold on the diversity that can be used to fill a client’s portfolio, and diversity helps to mitigate risk. Goldman Sachs’ brokers have access to many different venues making them one of the most diverse banks around.


  • Diverse Investment opportunities.
  • Award winning brokers.
  • Trusted by Many Around the world.


HSBC’s reputation is built around being a favorite bank for millionaires. HSBC sports a tailored wealth management program and banking solutions that help keep a balance between investment and liquid funds available. Their onsite customer service has been specially trained to help get clients the answers to questions they need especially if they are new millionaires. HSBC also offers alternate investment services which gives clients access to things like hedge funds, real estate and other features offered both privately and publicly. Their goal is to make available to their customers whatever they need to continue to grow their funds and keep their business functioning.


  • Tailored wealth management program.
  • Alternate investment services.
  • Friendly to new high net worth clients.

J.P. Morgan

One of the oldest banks in the United States, J.P. Morgan was founded in 1799 and has always been a bank that has helped high net worth customers and has since extended that assistance all around the world. The bank is proud of the fact that it is accessible regardless of where clients live. The wealth management programs at J.P. Morgan focus on both short-term and long-term growth, and portfolios are tailored toward various growth and risk management strategies.


  • A Bank Available World Wide.
  • Strong Focus on Wealth Management.
  • Provides both Long term and short term management goals.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is also a long-term bank that works with high net worth clients though they specialize in managing business accounts and helping business assets mature and grow. They have a core belief in sustainable investing with more of a cycle effect than one just focused on growth. Morgan Stanley brokers focus on finding optimal investments with the least amount of risk. Their professional brokers are great at watching the market and monitoring their clients’ portfolios. A section of Morgan Stanley is dedicated to market research to keep the most up-to-date information available for bankers and clients.


  • Works a lot with businesses.
  • Believes in sustainable investing.
  • Strong market research department for up-to-date information.


These are only the top six private banks, and there are many others. If you are looking for private banking services, do not hesitate to try these out. They all share the same goals of integrity and putting their customers first.