Stickers are fun. They also make great handouts at trade shows or even party favors. Vinyl stickers look cool on binders and laptops, and kids appreciate them to brighten their school stuff and locker. Passing them out to vendors and customers is a great, reasonably priced way to get your brand to, pun intended, stick in their mind. There are quite a few websites that allow you to order stickers online, but which ones are the best? In part that depends on the kind of stickers you are looking for and the amount you intend to buy - smaller numbers tend, of course, to have a higher unit price. Five suggestions are StickerMule, Custom Sticker Makers, Sticker Guy, StandOut Stickers and Sticker You.

Top 5 websites for ordering stickers

  • StickerMule
  • Custom Sticker Makers
  • Sticker Guy
  • StandOut Stickers
  • Sticker You


If you ask people on the internet where to get stickers, StickerMule always seems to come up. They offer free online proofs and promise a four day turnaround with free shipping. They do custom shapes, sticker sheets, clear stickers, wall and floor graphics, window stickers, you name it. They are slightly more expensive than some other companies and have a minimum quantity of 50 for each custom design, with higher quantities being better value. They also sell labels, magnets and buttons.


  • Small batch option
  • Fast turnaround
  • Custom die cut shapes

Custom Sticker Makers

They promise that they make all of their stickers in America and offer double cut stickers as well as kiss cut sticker sheets. They also provide a free artwork review. You can request a free sample packet (of non-custom stickers) to check their quality and suitability before ordering. Their rates vary by quantity and size. They have a 50 minimum on stickers over 4 square inches and a much larger minimum on “small” stickers, although they will print stickers as small as a quarter inch square - smaller than most companies. They also provide graphic design services.


  • Unusually small stickers
  • Free samples
  • Graphic design services

Sticker Guy

Sticker Guy specializes in doing stickers for outdoor use and for small businesses. They specialize in snowboard graphics, bike decals, etc, and offer very low prices for high-quality vinyl stickers. They do have a larger minimum order for some types of sticker, which no doubt contributes to their lower prices - 250 for black and white or red and white stickers and 500 for bulk colors. They do have no minimum on full color stickers, which are more expensive. They also sell paper labels.


  • Outdoor stickers a specialty
  • No minimum order for colored stickers
  • Low price

StandOut Stickers

StandOut offers stickers made in America and live personal customer support.  They sell both gloss and matte stickers, and all their stickers are weather and uv-resistant. Also, unlike most, they send out their stickers pre cut rather than on rolls, which saves time and uses methods that stand up better outdoors. They have a 75 minimum quantity, and often offer specific deals at higher quantities. Their minimum quantity for custom die cut stickers is 125. They can also turn stickers into hang tags for retail, trade shows, etc.


  • Live customer support
  • UV-resistant
  • Hang tag printing also available

Sticker You

StickerYou is a platform for creating stickers, decals, magnets, decals and even temporary tattoos. They do photo stickers, sports stickers, and use the highest quality materials. This is the best place for non-custom stickers as well. If you want something already pre-made, Sticker You has a vast selection of “clip art” stickers to choose from. They have an online creation platform to make custom stickers, and no quantity minimums - this is a great place if you want stickers for a small personal project.


  • Low quantity minimums
  • Lots of pre-made designs
  • Online creation platform


Whatever you need in the way of stickers, one of these companies can help you out - often for a very reasonable price. Hand them out at trade shows, put them on your stuff or give them to your kids.