There are more than a few people out there that, when they plan to go to college, they want to be able to get the most specialized and streamlined college experience that they can get. There are a number of avenues a person can take for this, but for many, nursing vocational schools are the best way to go. They are quicker and they allow you to focus on your career path, allowing you to get to living your life. Check out UEI College, Unitek College, Blake Austin College, Carrington College and Vista College. For those of you who are looking to find a vocational school for nursing, these are the top five for you.

Top 5 Vocational Schools For Nursing

  • UEI College
  • Unitek College
  • Blake Austin College
  • Carrington College
  • Vista College
  • UEI College

    Nursing students at UEI College can look forward to just as much theoretical work as they can hands-on work. After all, nursing is no simply task, so why should the educational process be as well? Vocational nurses can expect to learn from highly skilled and respected people in the field, and before their 12-month diploma program is up, they will have assisted in the sick as well as the injured. Because the program is so much shorter, students can look forward to starting their career that much more quickly.


    • 12-month diploma program gets you into
    • Hands-on training gets people ready for their careers
    • Solid career options in nursing

    Unitek College

    Becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse is not easy, but Unitek College offers a solid amount of assistance to help make it happen. Not only do they make available financial aide to a fair few prospective students of theirs, but their educational programs offer both practical and theoretical courses to make sure that you are not only physically able to do the job, but mentally able to do so as well. The nursing programs lead to jobs in a variety of fields, ranging from health care to dental to others.


    • Practical and theoretical course work available
    • Financial aide available
    • Covers a good variety of career paths

    Blake Austin College

    Blake Austin College employs a number of highly trained nurses who work ardently to ensure that the future nurses of our world are just as capable as they were - and indeed, even more so if they can help it. Blake Austin College is definitely no slouch when it comes to its graduates; it boasts on their success, with former students planting their roots in a variety of health care areas. The school ensures that students receive both book smarts and street smarts, thereby avoiding deficits in either.


    • Strong network of highly educated nurses to help educate students
    • Good career variety and vitality
    • Teaches you in the classroom and in the thick of things

    Carrington College

    Students of Carrington College have a lot to look forward to if they go to this college to get their start in nursing. Nursing is expected to experience a 16% growth from 2014-2024, which is considerably faster than the average career growth for other jobs. The program lasts two years, and students can look into financial assistance to help them with their tuition and to keep their costs down. Employment opportunities range from state hospitals to residential care facilities to physicians’ offices.


    • Good range of employment options
    • Better-than-average career outlook
    • Two years, with financial assistant options available

    Vista College

    Vista College offers its nursing students a very much hands-on education. They get to not only become educated in the classroom, but they will also be able to work under the supervision of a trained professional in the respective field that they wish to pursue. On top of that, they can also look forward to some fun laboratory work. The school specifically offers training with the intention of helping its students pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Vocational/Practical Nurses, which helps them with getting their license. Students can expect to pay around $15,000 for tuition.


    • Tuition rate of $15,000 (approx)
    • Hands-on education
    • Comprehension education spanning lab work, classroom work, and more to help students get their licenses


    College is an important part of many people’s lives, so it’s not something you want to take lightly. All of these nursing vocational colleges are good, but that does not necessarily mean that they are a one-size-fits-all situation. Everyone will have different needs, so make sure you weigh the benefits offered by each.