The gift-giving season is upon us. In our ever-changing world, the days of buying a giant gift for your loved one that ends up in the attic are passing by. With the younger generation focused on experiences vs. owning more stuff, a monthly subscription box full of consumable treats can provide a year of surprises while learning about new products. We’ve gathered up some of the most popular gift box subscriptions out there to help you check off your list: BarkBox, LootCrate, graze snackbox, KitNipBox, and the Sephora Play! box.

Top 5 Monthly Gift Box Subscriptions

  • Bark Box
  • LootCrate
  • graze snackbox
  • KitNipBox
  • Sephora Play!

Bark Box

Perfect for the busy dog parent who says they never have time to visit the pet store for new toys. Starting as low as $20, you can send a Bark Box once a month that is filled with up to six dog-tested treats. Squeaky toys, all natural dog chews and snacks will get their furry friend all revved up with its arrival. Select the right kind of box for the right dog, with options for super chewers, heavy chewers, allergen sensivities and properly sized toys for pocketbook pups up to the firehouse friend. If the canine says they don’t like a particular toy, you can contact the company for a free replacement. There are no added shipping costs when delivered to the lower 48 states.


  • Up to 6 dog toys and treats
  • Options for size and activity level
  • Free trades for disappointed pets


For the video gaming/comic book fanatic and geeks on your list, LootCrate delivers themed boxes once a month. Choose between Anime, TV, pets, gaming and apparel crates or ask for a mix of everything. The lucky Loot recipient will get collectibles, videos, t-shirts and a random but totally awesome assortment of knick knacks and gimcracks meant to clutter their shelves with amazing stuff. This crate is a great buy at only $13.95/mo. The Loot community is there to trade and swap when you have extra figurines from a series you don’t collect. It’s not just great stuff, LootCrate makes a great experience by getting geeks to share their passion.


  • Pop culture items
  • Collectibles
  • Good for gamers and comic book fans

graze snackbox

Who doesn’t wander the aisles of the grocery store wishing for a better snack? graze is committed to exploring the world of healthy but delicious snacking. Perfect for that person on your list who is always counting calories and staring wistfully at a plate of brownies. Each snackbox contains four pre-portioned unique snacks that won’t be found in the cracker aisle at the giant shopping mart. Tell graze what kind of snacks you prefer and they handpick and pack a box especially for you! They do state those with allergies may not be happy with the product, as all the snacks are packed at the same place. However, for just $11.99 a box with no longtime commitment needed, snackbox could be the perfect solution for your health nut!


  • Natural snacks
  • Unique products
  • properly portioned for healthy eating


Yes, cats need love, too! Sometimes their human servants don’t have the time to get a new play toy. KitNipBox comes in two sizes, regular for $19.99 mo. and a multi-cat for $29.99. The regular box contains at least four new toys and treats while the bigger one contains at least six. Catnip crunchies, squeaky felt mice, holiday crinkle balls and long stuffed kickers help the happy cat parent keep their furry friend engaged, active and healthy. The subscription can be canceled anytime. For the finicky feline, opt for the No Food boxes, so you won’t be disappointed with inedible (to them!) product. Defective products can be exchanged with no hassle.


  • Two sizes for multi-cat homes
  • Toys and treats included
  • No Food option

Sephora Play!

Finally for the glam girl on your list! Sephora packs each bargain box that costs only $10 with five sample sizes of their luxury beauty products. Whether it’s for your wife who always wishes to try out new looks, but just doesn’t have the time to shop, or for your teen who can’t seem to get enough new lip shades and blush, the Play! box won’t disappoint. Best of all, since everything is sample sized, a color or cream that doesn’t flatter will be gone by the time the next box arrives.


  • Only $10
  • 5 sample size beauty products
  • Try before you buy new looks


There’s a subscription box service for just about everyone on your list. You won’t have spent a fortune and they receive an entire year of fun, delicious or gorgeous items to explore. It’s a win-win for everybody!