Staying active is very important for your physical and mental well being, but it can be challenging to find the right medical scooter for your mobility needs. What features are the most important to you? There are aesthetic considerations such as color and finish. The most important issue is how easily you will be able to use it. Battery life can be an important consideration if you will be using it for many hours at a time. Consider how the size and weight of the scooter will affect you ease of use and how easy it will be to travel with, especially if you may be traveling without assistance. The top five medical scooters in no particular order are Shoprider Mobility Escape, Rider Xpress, Luggie, Jazzy Air and MiniRider.

Top 5 Medical Scooters

  • Shoprider Mobility Escape
  • Rider Xpress
  • Luggie
  • Jazzy Air
  • MiniRider

Shoprider Mobility Escape

The Shoprider Mobility Escape is a sturdy scooter for active users. Its weight bearing capacity is 250 lbs. The scooter is super easy to transport with the heaviest part weighing only 33 lbs. A split battery makes travel more convenient. The tiller is adjustable, the tires are solid, and the seat swivels to ensure a comfortable ride. It comes in your choice of blue or burgundy.


  • Easily Maneuverable
  • Quick Disconnect for easy disassembly
  • Split battery for easy travel


The RiderXpress is easy to transport, but it still has a full suspension system to ensure safety and stability even of larger passengers. The transaxle is standard size, not mini. It’s stable on four wheels with mono-shock suspension, but still maneuverable. The heaviest piece of the scooter is 46 lbs. The weight capacity is 300 lbs. It comes in metallic blue, platinum silver, or sunset orange. The top speed of the RriderXpress is 5 mph.


  • Four Wheels for Stability
  • Quick to Disassemble
  • Weight Capacity of 300 lbs


The Luggie is a UK built scooter with the same lithium polymer battery technology used in electric cars. The Luggie is light and weighs only 50 lbs excluding the battery. It has a battery range of 11 miles. Travel by air, land, or sea with ease with the most compact folding technology. The maximum speed is 4 mph. It has a 250 lb weight capacity.


  • Compact Folding Technology
  • Lithium Polymer Battery
  • 11 Mile Range

Jazzy Air

The Jazzy Air promotes the social life by raising your seat to a normal standing height. Get up to walking speed of four miles per hour in a non-elevated position and 3.5 miles per hour in an elevated position. There is a choice of different types seats for your comfort. It has a battery range of up to 15.29 miles with U1 batteries and 18.4 miles with the 40 Ah batteries. Stay safe with Intelligent Braking.


  • Seat Elevates 10 inches in only 16 seconds
  • Comes in Nine Colors
  • Weight Capacity of 300 lbs


The MiniRider folds compactly to go anywhere you do. The heaviest piece of the scooter is 37 lbs. It has a load bearing capacity of 275 lbs. It has an adjustable tiller. The maximum speed is 5 mph. It can go for 15 miles on a single charge. The rear wheels are anti- tipper for safety. It includes 18 ah batteries. Comes in metallic blue or metallic red.


  • Compact Folding
  • Flip up Armrests
  • 360 degree Seat Swivel


A medical scooter is an essential part of maintaining independence with mobility issues. Whatever features you want, there are many different options for medical scooters. Most companies offer free in home demonstrations of medical scooters. A good scooter will last years and go anywhere. Speed matters when you’re socializing with people who are walking. Participate in activities that you might activities you may not otherwise with a top quality medical scooter.