Whether that new mom is your wife or significant other, another relative, or a friend at the office, her pregnancy and childbirth are just the beginning of one of the toughest and yet most important jobs there is. The old saying is that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, since the rearing of children shapes the people who will take over the world after us. So it is a nice gesture to give that new mom a gift to commemorate that special life she is bringing into the world. The gift can be practical or just a little bit cute, so long as it brings a smile. Read on to learn more about the top five gifts for new moms.

Top Gifts for New Moms:

  • Elephant booties
  • Sustainable drink boxes
  • Nursing pillows
  • Services of a housekeeper
  • Gift Cards

Elephant booties

A company called Uncommon Goods is selling booties that look like little elephants. They are hand-made out of felted wool by artisans from Kyrgyz, a country in Central Asia. The same line also offers booties in the shapes of zebras, lions, giraffes, whales, magic fish and skunks, as well as strawberries, banana splits, and tacos. These little booties will not only look cute on the baby’s feet but will surely become a conversation piece when the child becomes an adult. Taken well care of, these elephant or other animal or food booties could be passed on to the next generation.


  • The booties are hand made from felted fur
  • The booties keep baby’s feet warm
  • The booties will last a long time

Sustainable drink boxes

Uncommon Goods has a drink boxes solution for the mom who wants what is best for her baby in both nutrition and leaving to him or her a pristine planet. The idea is to have reusable drink boxes that can be washed and filled with any kind of juice or milk that the new mom will want her child to drink.


  • The drink boxes are environmentally friendly
  • The drink boxes can be washed and reused
  • The drink boxes can be washed and reused

Nursing pillow

One problem with breast feeding i that, holding a baby while he or she takes milk from the breast can be uncomfortable. A company called Boppy has a solution in the form of a nursing pillow. The idea is that the mom straps on the nursing pillow with the attached belt and then lays the baby down on top of it to nurse comfortably. The nursing pillow comes with two sides, one firm and the other softer. In this way, the nursing process is far less tiring for mom and more comfortable for the baby.


  • The pillow make nursing comfortable for mother and baby
  • The pillow has a firm and a soft surface
  • The pillow has a firm and a soft surface

The services of a housekeeper

Consider arranging for the services of a professional housekeeper for the new mom, at least for the first few months while she in bonding with her new baby. The last thing that a new mom wants to do is to vacuum the floors and clean the kitchen and bathroom when the baby gets fussy and needs feeding or changing. Both Angie’s List and have listings of professional house cleaners with customer reviews.


  • A housekeeper lifts a burden from the new mom
  • A housekeeper frees the mom to care for her baby full time
  • A housekeeper can be found on Angie’s List or

Gift cards

Gift cards can really be a convenient way to give a new mom something that she can then use to pick out a gift on her own, perhaps to make a purchase of that one or two items she will need to help bring up that new little person who has suddenly taken over her lift. Since sells just about anything under the sun, a gift card from that online store is something that cannot go wrong. Both Visa and American Express also sell gift cards that are accepted at many locations. The best thing is that these kinds of gift cards are sold just about anywhere, such as your local supermarket.


  • Gift cards are easy to purchase
  • Gift cards can be used to but anything
  • Certain gift cards are accepted everywhere


Motherhood is an exciting journey, and women can never be too ready. Buying the right gift for a baby shower or as a sign of support can make a big impact in this special moment of a woman’s life.