Adjustable beds may appear like a luxury to most of us, but can be essential for elderly people. Some seniors find it hard or impossible to sleep in a flat position. For those who are wholly or mostly bedbound being able to adjust the bed to read, watch television etc can make a huge difference to quality of life. High end adjustable beds can offer massage functions can reduce the risk of bedsores, built-in nightlights and remote control. The five best brands are EasyRest, ,Tempur-Pedic, Leggett & Platt, Reverie and Personal Comfort.

Top 5 Adjustable Beds for Elderly

  • EasyRest
  • Tempur-Pedic
  • Leggett & Platt
  • Reverie
  • Personal Comfort


Better known for their mattresses, Easy Rest also provides Adjustable Sleep Systems. Their unique quality is the Whisper Power lift motors - which make adjusting the bed silent and thus allow adjustments to be made without, say, waking your spouse. Their beds come in single and double, with the double beds being independently adjustable. Some of their beds come with a heat option, which can help relieve arthritis and muscle pain. They also come with massage, except for their most basic bed, and their higher-end beds are programmable.


  • Silent whisper lift motors
  • Heat option
  • Independently adjustable double beds


Tempur-Pedic are one of the best mattress manufacturers in the world, but a lot of people do not know they also make adjustable beds. They make beds in single and double, although not all of them elevate the foot as well as the head. However, their adjustable “bed bases” are designed to fit inside existing bedframes and thus do not look like hospital beds - in the flat position they look like any other bed. They come in all bed sizes, all the way up to split King. They are marketed as “ergonomic” beds. However, they tend to have a limited lift capacity.


  • Fits inside existing bedframes
  • Well-known brand
  • Limited lift capacity

Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt should be more of a household name than they are - 125 years ago they introduced the bedspring, revolutionizing mattress technology. They offer a variety of adjustable beds, including ones which look like normal beds, the industry’s first capacitive-touch remote, mattress retention systems, massage systems and contemporary upholstery to, again, make them look less like they were borrowed from a hospital. Most come with wireless remote controls and the more expensive ones have an app. Some of them also have built in nap timers and dimmable under bed lighting. Their LP Connect technology allows you to control room lighting and home entertainment from the bed.


  • Connected smart room technology
  • Mattress retention systems
  • Capacitive-touch remote


Reverie specializes in adjustable beds and sells special mattresses that are designed to give precise support, exactly where the person needs it, and they can be reconfigured later. The beds come with high definition massage specifically designed to produce calming hormones and induce sleep. The beds come with a special app (however, it is iOS only at present). They have a special preset that is supposed to stop snoring and come in sleek, well-designed frames or foundations to fit in existing furniture. They also have under-bed lighting.


  • AntiSnore presets
  • High definition massage
  • Special iOS app

Personal Comfort

Personal Comfort is an FDA registered medical device manufacturer - which proves they know what they are doing with “hospital style” beds. They also sell number mattresses (similar to Sleep Number) to go with the adjustable bases. Their adjustable bases fit in existing furniture, but have a proprietary steel adjustable foundation. Higher end beds have under-bed lighting, ultra-quiet massage with individual controls on each side with the split king, and a higher-than-normal weight capacity of 850 lbs. Personal Comfort also offers in-home setup for those who might have difficulty working out how to use the system.


  • In-home setup
  • Compatible number mattresses
  • Proprietary steel adjustable foundation


Adjustable beds are often considered the pinnacle of comfort. They are still pricier than normal beds, but for those who need them they can make the difference between misery and a good night’s sleep - and are no longer sold as “hospital” beds because of the assumption that only the sick need them.