For women who experience incontinence, which is common for women going through menopause, a sensitive or overactive bladder may be something you are dealing with on a daily basis. However, this does not have to keep you from doing the everyday things you love such as working out at the gym, going to work, and spending time with family and friends. Panty liners offer discreet peace of mind for those times when there isn’t a nearby restroom. And we’ve taken the time to highlight the four best panty liners for incontinence on the market today. They are Poise Maximum Pads, Prevail Adult Panty Liners, Select Liners, Tena Serenity Active Liners. Read on to learn more about these great options.

Top 4 Pantyliners for Incontinence

  • Poise Maximum Pads
  • Prevail Adult Panty Liners
  • Select Liners
  • Tena Serenity Active Liners

Poise Maximum Pads

These pads work just like a panty liner. They are called “pads” because they are designed specifically for women with moderate to severe incontinence. They are soft and absorbent and will keep you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day.

Highlights of mattress design:

  • All day protection leaves you worry free.
  • Prevents odor and feeling wet throughout the day or evening hours.
  • Designed for the more frequent and unexpected episodes of incontinence.

Prevail Adult Pant Liners

Comfort and dryness is what makes this panty liner stand out. The outer fabric is cloth-like, making it feel natural and comfortable against the skin. And the fast absorption of these adult panty liners means you stay dryer for longer.

Highlights of mattress design:

  • Created to fit your unique body shape.
  • Liner stays in place with a full-length adhesive.
  • Blue Stay-Dry strip means faster absorption.

Select Liners

These panty liners fit perfectly in either a reusable mesh pant or your regular underwear. They come in three different sizes and three different absorbency levels to fit all types of incontinence, from once in a while when a big sneeze lets loose to more frequent episodes.

Highlights of mattress design:

  • Large absorbency area due to panty liner’s hourglass shape.
  • Liner stays in please with convenient adhesive strip.
  • You can buy them in 4.9 to 23.5 oz packages.

Tena Serenity Active Liners

For women who love to be active this is the panty liner that will keep you dry while you are on the go. They come individually wrapped so you can throw them in your purse, your car, your locker at the gym, even your desk drawer at the office and they’ll stay fresh and clean for a long time, always there in case of an emergency.

Highlights of mattress design:

  • Your skin stays dry with the panty liners Dry-Fast core.
  • A soft top sheet gives you added comfort, especially when you are traveling or exercising.
  • Any unpleasant orders will be instantly absorbed by the trademarked OdoaSorb Plus with Ph balance.


Staying fresh and clean and avoiding unpleasant orders is the goal of using a panty liner for incontinence. Panty liners are a discreet way to absorb incontinence episodes as you move throughout the day, maintaining your regular routine. Feel confident no matter when or where incontinence happens with one or more of the top four panty liners on the market today.