The LG G4 is one of the most innovative and unique Android smartphones on the market. The first think you might notice, is the G4’s unusual cover design. The G4 offers not only a metallic version, but ceramic craft and leather version. This gives LG users the opportunity to make a statement and tailors the G4 to their own unique personality. A 5.5 inch quad display and 16 MP camera allows users to see and take pictures in beautiful Quad HD. The LG G4 also features a fully replaceable 3000 mAh battery that can be easily removed, so you don’t need to send your phone in when the battery goes out. Another huge advantage is the support of additional storage, not supported by more expensive phones on the market. Users can add as much as 2TB of microSD storage. Best of all the top cell phone dealers are offering some terrific new deals on this hot new cell phone that are tremendously enticing. Read on to learn about the top 4 LG G4 smartphone deals.

Top LG G4 Smartphone Deals

  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Costco
  • NewEgg


Walmart is currently offering the LG G4 for less than $300, less than half the cost of a brand new iPhone. All LG G4 smartphones from Walmart come unlocked, meaning you can easily use it with most prepaid cell phone plans, without having to commit to a 2-year contract. Buyers can also choose to add a 2 or 3-year plan that extends the phones warranty and makes it eligible for repairs. Walmart also includes free shipping with this deal.


  • The LG G4 ships free
  • Less than $300
  • No contracts necessary

Best Buy

The LG G4 is also available at Best Buy for less than $280 and includes free standard shipping or 2-day shipping. It also comes unlocked and for just $40, you can get an unlocked SIM kit for absolutely free. Best Buy cardholders can also get an additional 5% back in rewards and 6-month financing meaning buyers don’t have to pay all at once.


  • 6-month financing offered
  • Cardholder’s can get rewards
  • Free 2-day shipping


Costco currently offers the LG G4 in metallic gray through T-Mobile. With a two-year contract, T-Mobile users can get the LG G4 at Costco for less than $13 for 24 months. If the plan is cancelled however, the remaining balance will need to be paid. Exclusive to Costco members however, is a free accessory pack and a $25 Costco gift card. As an online-only deal, the LG G4 can only be shipped to you, but the good news is that it is free to ship.


  • Exclusive rewards for Costco members
  • Only $12.50 a month in addition to service plan
  • No down payments required


NewEgg offers the LG G4, unlocked for use in prepaid plans, for less than $275. For an additional and small price of $25, NewEgg customers can get the protection plan. Further, Premier NewEgg users can get free 3-day shipping on this phone. But with Shoprunner, buyers can get 2-day shipping for free. NewEgg also offers an opportunity to get 1% cashback.


  • $25 protection plan
  • 3 or 2-day free shipping available
  • Less than $275


The LG G4 is a great deal no matter how you look at it. But exciting new offers available online make it even better. Smartphone users will find plenty to love in the LG G4 smartphone, and without the high-cost of an iPhone or Samsung device.