When it comes to our feline companions, we want the best when choosing a cat food that is both nutritious and loved by our cat, but sometimes the expense of buying cat food can become a burden. Luckily, there are plenty of cat food coupons out there to help save you money on your cat food purchases if you know where to look. Retailers, cat food brand website and coupon sites are all great resources when it comes to finding the best coupons for pet food. We’ve scoured the web to find the top sites to help save you money on cat food, so you can start saving right away. The top sites are, and Through these sites, you can save significantly on either dry or wet cat food. If you’re ready to start saving today, keep reading to learn more about the top sites for cat food coupons.

Top 3 Cat Food Coupon Sites

  • is an excellent resource for finding the best coupons for cat food and other items with just a few clicks of the mouse. What makes ideal is that you are never limited to a single brand of cat food, and the list of current coupons is updated regularly, so you can continue to save on all your favorite brands. has coupons for both wet and dry cat food, and in some cases you can save as much as $6.00 on your favorite brand of food. In addition to cat food coupons, also has coupons for other pet care items,  such as cat litter and cat treats. Be sure to check their website frequently for all the latest deals and coupons being offered!


  • Choose from many brands of both wet and dry cat food, rather than being limited to a single brand.
  • Coupons are updated regularly, so you’ll always get the most current savings available on your favorite cat food brands.
  • Also offers coupons on other cat care products, such as litter and cat treats.

If your feline friend is a fan of Friskies cat food, you can currently save up to $4 on both wet and dry varieties of Friskies cat food. Simply visit the Friskies website for the most current offer, which gets you $2 off one 16 lb or larger bag of Purina Friskies brand dry cat food (any variety) and an additional $2 off of 24 5.5 oz cans of Friskies brand wet food (any variety). You’ll need to sign up for emails in order to take advantage of this offer, but you’ll also receive frequent coupon mailings to help you save even more on additional purchases.


  • Save up to $4 on wet and dry varieties of Friskies cat food.
  • Coupons are valid for any variety of Friskies wet or dry cat food.
  • Get ongoing savings via email when you subscribe.

Like, is a site that lists the most current coupons available for various brands of cat food and other products, so you are never limited to just one brand or type of cat food. Cat food coupons are often available from both regular and higher-end brands of cat food, like Natural Balance, Muse, Blue Buffalo and more, and coupons can be found for wet and dry varieties. In addition to cat food coupons, also regularly features coupons for other cat care products, such as cat litter, treats and more. Check the site regularly for the most up-to-date printable coupons available!


  • Lists most current coupons from a variety of manufacturers so you can choose the brand that works best for your cat’s dietary needs.
  • Offers coupons from both regular and higher-end wet and dry cat food brands.
  • Coupons are also available for other cat care needs, such as cat litter, treats and more.


No matter which coupon site you choose (or try all three!), you’re sure to enjoy saving on your cat’s favorite brands of cat food, no matter whether your cat prefers wet or dry food. For more high-end cat food products like Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo or Muse, choose coupon sites with a variety of offerings, such as or Subscriptions to all coupon sites will help you stay up to date on all the latest coupons and promotions.