The cell phone industry has undergone a revolution in recent years offering new plans, improved phones and advanced special features. With the various companies, how does one choose the best carriers? Here are the features to look for when choosing a cell phone company: performance, plans, customer support, phone selection and special features. Keep reading to see the top four cell phone companies, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Top 4 Cell Phone Companies

  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Sprint


T-Mobile rates as one of the top cell phone carriers, being rated as having one of the best customer service experiences available. While its coverage map is not as extensive as some other companies, it offers various perks that make T Mobile a great option for customers looking for price and service. T-Mobile offers unlimited plans at a great price, as well as prepaid cell phone plans, data-only plans for tablets and other internet devices, and does not require customers to sign a contract in order to sign up for service.


  • Option of data plans or unlimited data for customers
  • Great coverage in most of the United States, with the option of roaming in the few locations not covered
  • 4G coverage that rivals AT&T’s
  • Offers unlimited pre paid plans, some starting as low as $30 a month.


One of the first cell phone companies, AT&T offers one of the broadest coverage areas. They also have been shown to have one of the best 4G networks available. AT&T has great prices and a wide variety of cell phones to choose from, and they offer a variety of plans, including prepaid, to suit your needs and budget.


  • Large selection of cell phones
  • Outstanding customer service
  • One of the best networks in the market
  • For those wanting to bundle services, AT&T also offers TV service, providing even more savings for customers


At one time, Sprint was the leader in the cell phone market, but has lost ground in recent years. As other companies came into the market, Sprint saw their share of the cell phone industry drop off. They are now making a comeback, however, with new phones and an improved customer service experience. A top technology reviewer service finds Spring to have some of the best plans in the market.


  • Friendly customer service
  • Competitive plans, both prepaid and unlimited for customers
  • Brand recognition which is again gaining traction in the industry
  • Some of the best service for other countries, which benefits travelers

Metro PCS

One of the newest companies in the cell phone market, Metro PCs is an off-shoot of T-Mobile, advertising themselves as “Riding on the T-Mobile network.” Therefore, they offer some of the same perks that T-Mobile offers, with a few differences. They appear to be one of the best prepaid companies in the market and have increased tower strength and capability since joining with T-Mobile last year.


  • Extra perks, such as Metro Daily Alert Mail and Metro Music Service
  • Best network performance for a discount carrier, providing both 3G and 4G service, depending on location
  • Extensive options for prepaid plans, including unlimited data. Most plans slow speed once a certain pre-set data amount is reached


While there are other companies in the market, these four cell phone companies are rated as the top ones. Call each to compare their perks, plans and coverage, so you can find the plan that works best for your needs and budget.