Top 3 Guided Tours for Seniors



Looking for some adventure during your retirement? The top three guided tours for seniors are your best bet for the ideal vacation. By taking a guided tour, you can eliminate the stress of rushing to see everything all at once, because your tour guide will do all the planning for you. Whether you are interested in exploring the Great Wall of China, Big Ben or the breathtaking Vatican adventure awaits with one of the top three guided tours for seniors. On your tour, you’ll have a chance to enjoy fine-dining and exotic cuisine, stand in awe at the world’s most breathtaking architecture, take some time to relax and of course, go shopping! With so many options for guided tours, the right vacation is waiting for you. If you are a senior interested in taking a guided tour, read on to find out more.

Top Three Guided Tours for Seniors

  • 11 Days Beauty of China
  • Venice, Florence and Rome
  • Six Day London Vacation

11 Days Beauty of China

The 11-day Beauty of China tour is one of the most magnificent journeys that you will ever take. Explore the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and Elephant Trunk Hill, as well as check out some of the most impressive artifacts at the Shangai Museum, Xian Museum and the site of the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses.You’ll also take a cruise on the Li River and admire the beautiful countryside.Included with your guided tour are air-conditioned transportation, economy-class round-trip flights and all meals aboard the Li River cruise. Best of all, you’ll enjoy luxury accommodations in Bejing, Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo, and Shanghai. Get all this for just $1,770 per group. All tours are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Book online at


  • Accomodations included with price
  • Meals included on Li River cruise
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Venice, Florence and Rome

The Venice, Florence, and Rome nine-day tour from Go Ahead Tours gives you the opportunity to see Italy’s most renowned locations, including the canals of Venice, the Colosseum of Rome and the beauty of Florence. Included with your guided tour are seven hand-picked hotels, three-sightseeing tours, and a private motor coach. Additionally, you’ll get seven breakfasts, and multiple three-course dinners. Excursions such as gondola rides and a canal cruise are available as well. In Italy, there are so many things to see, but with a guided tour you can manage your trip much easier, getting the chance to experience it all. Check out this tour at to learn more.


  • Full kitchen, free Wi-fi and complimentary breakfast included
  • Price includes airfare and room
  • Indoor pool on the premises

Six Day London Vacation

The Six Day London Vacation package allows you to assemble your own custom guided tour where you can experience London just the way you want. Your package includes flights from New York to London, four-nights of accommodations and breakfast served daily for just $939. But on top of that, you’ll have the choice between numerous guided tours of the Windsor Castle,  the London Eye and the Morning London and River Cruise, starting at just $43 per guided tour. All taxes and surcharges are included. Check out for more guided tour options. Great food and fashion await you in London, England.


  • Breakfast included with the price
  • Airfare and accommodations included
  • Multiple tour options


Now is the time to explore the world! By taking a tour to London, Rome or Beijing, you’ll have a chance to experience a rich culture different from your own, getting a sense of adventure, and loving every minute of it. With so many things to see and do, there’s never a dull moment on any one of the top three guided tours.