Understanding SQL is important for database management and it is something many companies are requiring from people who work with their databases. If you are not familiar with this program and want to give yourself a better chance of landing your dream job, then the best thing you can do is to take lessons on SQL. There are several programs out there where you can learn the basics and possibly even earn a certificate which can be used on your resume to make you stand out from other applicants. Here are some of the best options for SQL lessons.

Top 5 SQL Lessons  

  • Lynda
  • W3Schools
  • Code Academy
  • Udemy
  • University of Sydney


This is a site created by LinkedIn to help people gain more skills to help them advance in their careers. Users can take advantage of a ten-day free trial. From there the site offers a basic or premium monthly membership fee. With this fee, users are able to access all the classes on the site, which currently is over 5,200 classes. There are several options for SQL, though beginners may be best suited with starting with the SQL Essential Training.


  • Site created by LinkedIn
  • Paid membership gets you access to all the classes you want
  • Many classes on SQL


This is an online school that focuses on various subjects within IT. Here users can pay a flat fee to learn about SQL, HTML, or other similar courses. The classes only take a few weeks and there is a certificate available when students finish the course. The focus of the class is to teach students how to use SQL to not only access but manipulate databases.


  • Study SQL online with an IT focused school
  • Finish the course in a few weeks
  • Certificate upon completion

Code Academy

Code Academy is an online school devoted to helping people learn to code. They have several courses on SQL that can help users learn the basics as well as advanced techniques of the program. The site will even help students determine the best courses to take. Users simply answer a few questions about what they are looking for and the program creates a list of the best courses to take as well as in what order to take them. The basic content is free on this site, though if you want to be able to access all the resources and content, users will need to pay the monthly membership fee.


  • Site helps you choose the best path for your courses
  • Several SQL courses
  • Only pay for the full resources


This site offers a wide range of different courses to help students get the knowledge they are looking for. The courses are designed to be engaging and interactive. Users can easily see the price, length of the course in hours, and the skill level for the course when searching on the site. Simply choose the one that is right for you, such as The Complete SQL Bootcamp. Most of the courses are also affordably priced so you will not spend a ton of money to learn about this open source program.


  • Site offers many courses
  • Easily see the specs for the class
  • Affordable pricing

University of Sydney

While this course may be from a college in Australia, it can still be an excellent way to get the information students need on SQL as the program is universal. The school offers a SQL Level 1 course that is intended for people with little to no experience using SQL. By the end of the class, users will have a much better understanding of SQL. From there users can either stop or continue on to SQL Level 2 which gets into more intermediate and advanced SQL training.


  • College based in Australia though online class
  • Designed for people with no experience
  • Can continue to learn more advanced SQL through subsequent courses

Students will find many options for learning SQL. The one you choose should be one that has an engaging and informative platform that you can really learn from. It is also helpful to look at reviews to find out what other students thought of the program.