Need a new stove? Check out the top stoves and ranges available now! The best stoves and ranges allow for more cooking space, greater flexibility, and easier cooking. If you your stove is starting to show its age or you need a new one for new home, the top options on the market can provide you with a much more pleasant cooking experience than anything else on the market. You’ll probably even notice a difference in how your food cooks and how it tastes too. If you are interested in the top stoves and ranges, check out these great options from the best manufacturers in the country.

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  • Samsung Flex Duo
  • Whirlpool Self-Cleaning
  • GE Profile


The Samsung Stainless Steel 5-Burner Flex Duo Range helps you to cook food faster and a lot more evenly. The dual-convection system provides two different ovens for cooking dishes at two different temperatures – so it’s almost like having two ovens, making it one of the best stainless steel ovens available. The dual-door handles can open up both oven areas or just the top part. The doors also come with a soft-close mechanism, so you don’t have to slam the oven closed. The large 5.9 cubic foot oven capacity allows for you to cook multiple dishes at once, making a must-have stove for those who love to cook feasts for friends and families. The flexible cooktop features five burners including an oblong burner for larger pots and pans. Cleaning is easy too with self-clean and deep-clean options.


  • Features 5 burners
  • Dual convection oven
  • More suitable for larger pots and pans

GE Profile

The GE Profile 30 in. 5.6 cu. ft. Gas Range Convection Oven in Stainless Steel features five gas burners. It also comes with a self-cleaning feature that burns residue and food on the inside, so all you have to do is wipe the inside. Cast iron grates are machine washable for better sanitation. Stylish and modern, the GE Profile gas range looks great and feels great to cook with. At around $1,300 it is certainly not among the cheapest gas ranges available, but most cooks will notice a difference in terms of quality as this one is suitable for a professional chef. One of its most unique features is the addition of an integrated cast iron griddle that can cook multiple steaks or up to six grilled cheese sandwiches. The electronic keypads are easy to operate and a large oven window allows for easier visibility inside. There’s also a built-in storage drawer at the bottom. Check it out at your local hardware store or wherever appliances are sold.


  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Comes with griddle
  • Higher priced than other options

Whirlpool Self-Cleaning

For those that prefer an electric stove, the Whirlpool 5.3 Cu. Ft. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range features five cooktop elements with 100-3000W of power. The ceramic cooktop surface is easy to clean. The self-cleaning oven feature prevents the need for scrubbing, so you can just wipe inside when it’s done. Cookie sheets, cooling racks and more can be conveniently stored underneath the oven. With Frozen Bake technology, you don’t have to preheat your oven ever again, because the oven comes preprogrammed to adjust cooking times as needed. And with sophisticated temperature sensors, you can be sure your food is always cooked evenly. Also worth noting is that the oven’s stainless steel surface is completely fingerprint resistant.


  • electric range with five “burners”
  • No preheating necessary
  • Fingerprint resistant


Whether you are looking for a gas or electric range, there are tons of great options out there. For the best quality appliances, check out your local hardware store or an electronics store like Best Buy. With self-cleaning ovens, dual convection ovens and so many others, you are bound to find a stove that works for your kitchen.