Check out the new LG V30! While not as anticipated as the new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, the new LG V30 is every bit as advanced and user-friendly as the top smartphones on the market. The LG V30 offers a high-tech processor, a vivid display, and durable construction. Water resistant and military tested, ensures this smartphone is built to last. Of course, the LG V30 also offers a ton of cool features that users will really appreciate. Don’t pay top dollar for the latest smartphone when you can get your hands on a more affordable option that’s every bit as impressive. If you are interested in one of the best smartphone’s on the market, read on to learn more about the LG V30’s features!

LG V30 Features

  • Display
  • Camera
  • Convenience and Security


Most users will notice the quality of the LG V30’s display. Measuring six inches, the V30’s QUAD HD display offers vivid colors and highly-detailed images that bring pictures, video, and games to life. With an always-on display mode, you can view the time, date and notifications, even when your phone is charging. A mini view screen makes one-handed use particularly easy. For the best nighttime view, comfort view reduces blue light to reduce eye strain, and also to help you fall asleep when you are using your phone before bed. Protected by Gorilla Glass, the phone’s display can handle a high impact fall without breaking.


  • Quad HD display
  • Multiple display modes
  • Screen measures six inches


The LG V30’s camera is truly something special. As one of the best camera’s of any cell phone on the market, you can take quality pictures just like a pro. Its F/1.6 aperture lens allows for greater clarity, even in low light. With point zoom, you can zoom in anywhere in the frame. The 10-bit HDR sensor allows you to capture colors with greater accuracy. More vibrant colors will bring all your pictures to life, helping you relive your favorite moments. Best of all, its wide-angle lens allows you to capture more in the frame thanks to a 13 MP wide-angle lens. It also includes a 16MP camera also included in the rear. The front-facing 5 MP camera features a wide-angle lens as well, so you can easily take group selfies. Other features include 4K video recording at 30 fps and a full HD video recorder at 240 fps. On top of this, the V30 includes a video editor that allows you to trim, color grade and add effects.


  • Take detailed, vivid images - even in low light
  • Capture video in 4K
  • Features a video editor

Convenience and Security

Other features of the LG V30 really put the “smart” in “smartphone.” Its smart cleaning tool allows you to optimize performance when your phone gets slow, while a battery saving mode allows you to use your battery more efficiently, so it lasts longer. With the Google Assistant, any piece of information you are looking for is a voice command away, making every search more convenient, and giving you instant access to information, settings, and apps. With Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect your smartphone to your sound system, headphones, fitness bands and so much more. Thanks to security features like fingerprint ID, face recognition and voice recognition, all your private information stays private.


  • Battery saving mode included
  • Google Assistant support
  • Multiple security measures like Fingerprint ID


Forget the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S9. The best new smartphone on the market is already here. Check it out at any major phone carrier and see what it is all about!