Your home might be the largest investment you will ever make. One of the biggest challenges of home ownership is making sure that it is protected at all times. The last thing that you would ever want to do is choose the wrong security system for your home. You home provides you with a safe place to lay your head at night, and your home contains items, some of physical value, and others sentimental. In case of a break-in or some other disaster, you need to feel confident that your home and all of its valuables are protected. There are all types of home security systems on the market to choose from. Often times people will make their decision regarding a home security system based on cost. However, cost is not the only thing you should consider when choosing the right system for your home. The best home security systems offer a variety of security devices, superior customer service, monitoring services and affordability. ADT, Life Shield and Front Point are considered three of the best home security systems available. Read more to find out why these three services are ranked the best of the best.

Top 3 Home Security Companies

  • ADT
  • Life Shield
  • Front Point

ADT: Protection that Follows Wherever You Go

ADT has more monitoring services than any other security system on the market. Servicing over 7 million customers, ADT has been around for over 140 years. Along with providing their customers monitoring services and security devices, ADT also provides a theft protection guarantee which will pay up to $500 of your security deductible if your home is robbed and your security system has been activated. Another reason so many customers rave about ADT, is because of the money back service guarantee they offer. If you decide that you are not satisfied with your service, you can get a refund on the price of installation and monitoring fees you have paid within a six-month period. If for any reason you move and you are an ADT customer, you are entitled to receive a free security system in your next home. In terms of monthly expense, ADT has a selection of plans that could easily fit into any budget.


  • 140 years in the industry
  • Theft protection guarantee
  • Selection of plans for different budgets

Life Shield: Customize Your Home Security

Life Shield has partnered with Direct TV, and is connected to a monitoring station with broadband with a broadband internet connection. One of the unique things about Life Shield is they offer two types of installation. You can choose to DIY your installation or have it done professionally. Known industry-wide for having one of the fastest response times, Life Shield provides additional layers of backup in an instance where your power goes out, or your land line is disabled. These features go far beyond the features offered by many of the Life Shields competitors. The system will also alert you when your battery is low. The battery backup system will keep your system running online for up to 24 hours following a power outage. Life Shield also provides its customers with Crime and date alerts, so you will be able to make the appropriate decisions regarding the level of home security coverage you need. Life Shield also provides customers with three system coverage packages which can easily fit into any budget.


  • DYI installation available
  • More features than several competitors
  • Customers get crime and date alerts

Front Point: Wireless & DIY Security Systems

Front Point is consistently ranked among the top home security systems. Their services are 100 percent wireless, and they often boast about their simple DIY installation instructions. With Front Point, you don’t to worry about the inconvenience and the cost of professional installation. Because you actually set up the system yourself, you have the ability to remove and take your system with you wherever you go. Front Point is one of a small number of home security monitoring services companies that will not only protect your home in case of fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, flood detection, it can also detect if you have a break in your natural gas line. Front Line systems are capable of connecting up to 239 sensors as well as your smartphone, which allows you to keep the safety and the security of your home at your fingertips at all times. If your home is burglarized, and there is an attempt to destroy your control panel, Front Point’s crash and smash protection will send alert signals to warn you that your home is being attacked. Front Point also affords customers additional features like light geolocation services.


  • DYI installation available
  • Can connect sensors with smartphone app
  • Control panels are protected by crash-detection sensors


Choosing the best home security system is important. Cost is important, but you should also consider the features of each system and what’s most appropriate for your home. These top three home security providers are great places to start your search.