Custom mugs are a great gift for just about any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, Christmas, Hanukkah or any kind of event involving a gift, a custom- designed mug can be anything from funny to heartwarming while still serving as a functional gift that will last for years to come. And contrary to popular belief, the truth is that gift mugs can be high quality without actually costing that much. Whether it’s a custom quote or message or a printed photo, there’s no reason that a mug gift should cost an arm and a leg. The best places to get discount custom mugs are, and Vista Print. Read on to find out more about choosing the best discount custom mugs.

Discount Custom Mugs

  • Vista Print

Some of the best deals around can be found on They offer a wide range of gifts in addition to mugs, and even the mugs have a more diverse selection and better prices than many of their competitors. For example, a custom frosted glass beer mug with a photo is currently being offered for 40 percent off. Other unique “mug” products include custom teacups and espresso cups. This website also offers a membership program for those who anticipate needing custom gifts more in the future, and new members can save up to $50 on their first order. All custom gift orders receive “mugbucks” (amounting to 5 percent of their order total) that can be put toward future purchases. This retailer is also a great choice for those who need to place bulk orders, with bulk placements starting at 12 mugs and going up to 576+ and the savings increasing with the amount ordered.


  • Membership program offers further savings
  • Wide range of different mugs available
  • Great choice for bulk custom mug orders with regular discounts available

This website is known for its diverse selection of custom print products, but they offer a decent selection of high-quality mugs among their gift options. The mug design process is very straightforward and easy to follow, with all mugs coming in three standard sizes and a range of colors to choose from. Users can then easily add a photo, quote or other custom design. Heat-activated image mugs are also offered, and production time for any mug only takes between four and five days. Prices vary greatly depending on design option, but they start at the low price of $15.16. All mugs also come with free standard shipping and are available in quantities of up to 100.


  • Straightforward selection and design process
  • Fast production time
  • Free standard shipping and low starting price


Vistaprint is a highly-recognized name in the business and has been around since 1999. Vistaprint is a great choice largely because of its user-friendliness, allowing people to search mugs by type (travel mug or ceramic), material, color, and even by price (starting price for all mugs is $14.00). Mugs are also available in color-changing heat activated materials, and both the interior and exterior colors can be separately customized. Those interested in bulk custom mug orders should check out Vistaprint’s Promotique section, where no minimum quantities are required, and production times are guaranteed to take only between three and four days.


  • Offers regular deals and sales specials
  • User-friendly website and easy customization options
  • No minimum quantities for bulk purchases


Which custom mug website is the right choice? It really depends on what you are specifically looking for. Those looking to do bulk orders should look carefully at pricing while individual gifts may require a higher focus in customization options and overall quality. Nevertheless, the one thing that really matters in the end is that the person receiving the mug enjoys their gift.