It’s time to strengthen your foundation. Foundation repair services can help you strengthen your home’s foundation and repair cracks and gaps that may be weakening it. Causes of foundation problems include expansive clay, improperly compacted soils and improver foundation maintenance – all which can weaken and crack your foundation. By ignoring foundation troubles, you could potentially weaken your entire home, making it susceptible to further damage. Overtime damage can worsen leading to irreparable damage that can have some frightening consequences – destroying your home. So if you have foundational damage, now is the time to do something about it. With foundation repair, you can save your home without having to replace the foundation. If you are in need of foundation repair, here are some things you should know.

Foundation Repair

  • Types of Foundation Repair
  • Local Foundation Repair
  • EagleLift

Types of Services

There are multiple types of foundation repair that may be suitable for your home. One type of foundation repair is steel pier. Steels piers take far less time to install and are not as invasive to the landscape. Helical piers are another type of repair method for lighter areas of the home like porches. Spot piers are hand dug and filled with concrete and can also be used for porches. Concrete pier foundation repair is definitely the most permanent foundation repair option, but polyurethane foam is a quicker and inexpensive option. Segmented piers are the newest option on them market and are easily the cheapest option. Another method of foundation repair involves no piers at all: slabjacking. Slabjacking involves pouring grout under the foundation, to restore the structure’s original position.


  • Exterior or Interior painting
  • Painting removal and preparation
  • Some will remove and put up wallpaper

Local Foundation Repair

Local foundation repair services can be found online. You can use Google or Yelp to search through a number of different options. From there you can find foundation repair companies that are in your area along with reviews for each one. If you know a neighbor nearby that has had foundation repair recently, you can ask them for recommendations. Otherwise a good tool is Home Advisor, which can help you find local foundation repair services near you. There you can search for foundation repair within your budget and the type of repair you are looking for. Just be sure to specify the condition of your foundation.


  • Use Yelp or Google for reviews
  • Home Advisor to find local repair
  • Ask a neighbor about foundation repair


EagleLift foundation repair services use a variety of pier techniques to improve your foundation.  Located in California, Nevada and Arizona, EagleLift repairs are designed to last with maximum support. Their portable equipment can get into areas with limited access and piers are even load tested during the installation process to make sure they are effective. You can get a free estimates, quotes and inspections from EagleLift. Using experts with over 25 years of experience, your home will be in safe hands, which is important when it comes to foundation repair, because few mistakes can be made. The minimum cost of a project is around $5,000 which is remarkably affordable and necessary. Call now to learn more.


  • Free inspections
  • Free estimates
  • Free quotes


Don’t neglect your foundation. If you have foundation damage, now I the time to get it fixed. Foundation repair services of every kind are available from local and franchise companies. Call them now before it’s too late.