Creating a great diversified index fund portfolio requires a lot of research, careful consideration, and an understanding of the entire stock market. Many people don’t have the time to master the many moving parts of the stock market, or they’d be more comfortable investing knowing their decisions are guided by expert hands. Thankfully, there are a variety of investment firms in the country that can maximize the diversity of your index investing portfolio, and five of the best are Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, Edward Jones, Charles Schwab and RBC Wealth Management. Though index fund portfolios grow slowly, they are among the safest and most effective ways to make money in the market. Read on to learn ore about investment firms that can help build your portfolio.

Top 5 Firms for Diversified Index Funds:

  • Fidelity
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Edward Jones
  • Charles Schwab
  • RBC Wealth Management


Fidelity is an investment firm with decades of experience helping people manage their financing. Their services range from retirement planning to helping manage a portfolio. Working with them can get you expert advice in building a diversified index fund portfolio, including helping you find specific industries and companies which suit your portfolio. For example, they could help you break outside of farming investments and get into technological stocks. With all of these excellent services, plus pricing you can understand, Fidelity is a great go-to choice for investment advice.

Fidelity highlights:

  • Expert financial advice
  • Portfolio tools tailor-made for your needs
  • Easy-to-understand pricing model

Morgan Stanley

This well-respected investment firm is one of the most aggressive on the market and works hard to promote the creation of successful index fund portfolios. In 2007, they worked hard to bring their leverage down to acceptable levels. This particular skill helps decrease your level of monetary investment and maximizes your profits. Make sure to talk to their experts about their personalized portfolio creation service. This handy feature helps create a selection of stocks and investments that suits your personality and your investment strategy in a variety of ways.

Morgan Stanley highlights:

  • Aggressive decrease of leverage
  • Constantly expanding services
  • Fine-tuned understanding of index funds

Edward Jones

Having served nearly seven million clients over the last century, Edward Jones has the kind of experience necessary for a high-quality investment firm. They not only fully understand a variety of index fund stocks, but have multiple local offices spread throughout the country. This helps create a more locally-based experience that can make the experience more personal to your needs. While other firms may be newer or have a wider variety of investment experts on their staff, few will have the experience and expertise that the long-lasting Edward Jones has to offer you.

Edward Jones highlights:

  • Advice pin-pointed to your local investment needs
  • 24-hour investment support
  • Help in choosing specific stocks that can help your local community.

Charles Schwab

This firm has over 25 years of experience offering individual, corporate, and industrial investment advice to firms all across the world. Their services range from help in choosing dynamic stocks, more passive index fund stocks, and creating a portfolio filled with diverse stock options. With their help, you will have a successful and constantly shifting portfolio that will minimize your loses and increase your chances of success.

Charles Schwab highlights:

  • Personalized service teams
  • Consultants willing to visit your business or home
  • Hands-on approach to work directly with you

RBC Wealth Management

While not as well known as some of its competitors, this firm regularly wins awards for being Canada’s best banking firm. This makes it a great investment solution for those looking to create a diversified portfolio in or near Canada. However, they are also skilled at helping people all across America understand index funds near them and work hard to create a personalized approach to your investment fund portfolio. The relatively smaller and more personal approach offered by RBC Wealth Management also helps you build a stronger bond with your investment expert, one that will help inspire them to give you the best possible advice.

RBC Wealth Management highlights:

  • Expertise in Canadian and American stocks
  • Personalized services
  • Extensive integration of third-party analysis


Working with any of these firms is a smart investment solution that will benefit anyone who is looking to create an index fund portfolio that they can be proud to call their own. Remember: diversity is key to success in the stock market, and diversifying your portfolio will require a little skilled professional help. Don’t be afraid to make that call today.