If your fax machine seems to be on its last legs, you might be looking to replace the physical piece of office equipment with an online faxing service. Your clients will still be able to send you invoices, documents, images, and proposals, but they will arrive in your email instead of in a pile on the printer. When looking for the right online fax service, you will want to find the one that best works with your budget, provides the most options, and is able to grow with your demands. MetroFax, MyFax and Nextiva each keep an eye on the bottom line while delivering all the perks your business might need. Find out more about all that these services offer by reading the following reviews about the top three online faxing services available to you.

Top 3 Online Fax Services:

  • MetroFax
  • MyFax
  • Nextiva


MetroFax offers convenient and affordable online faxing services for the busy professional working in the United States or Canada. If you require faxing services for the international community, you will need to look at a different fax provider. The best price available goes with their annual contract that offers up to 500 pages sent or received for under ten dollars a month. However, if you don’t anticipate requiring the service for the entire year, you can pay by the month for just a couple dollars more. Signing up is fairly simple requiring an email address and simply billing information. You may request a 1-800 number for your clients to use to fax to you or one with an area code near your place of business. If you have a fax number and wish to retire your old machine and convert to all digital files, it is possible to port your number to be used with MetroFax services. MetroFax also offers an easy to use mobile app that works on most android and Applie devices. Whether you are working from home or on the road, you can enjoy the same access to your faxes 24 hours a day.


  • Pay by the month or the year
  • Use your own fax number
  • Convenient mobile app


MyFax is perhaps the most intuitive online fax service. What you sacrifice in savings, you regain in simplicity. MyFax is the best rated service that also offers international phone numbers and faxing, supporting your efforts to be part of the global business market. Of course, if you focus on local services it is still possible to get a local area code or port your own number into service. MyFax skips the multiple tier pricing that many other companies use, which can cost you a couple dollars here and there, but you will always know what you bill will be at the end of the month. Just ten dollars a month allows you to send 100 pages and receive 200 pages. Pay a nickel for each page processed thereafter. Should your business only have cell phones, it is possible to request the use of a 1-800 number devoted for your faxing services, which invites your vendors, clients, and customers to reach out to you without the worry of additional fees. The interface on the website and their mobile app is extremely simple to use.


  • Fax internationally
  • Simple monthly fee
  • Free 1-800 number for your use


When shopping for a bargain option for your faxing needs, Nextiva is a great choice. You will sign up for an annual contract but will pay just five dollars a month for their basic services and if you run over, pay just three cents for each additional page. For the business that is just starting out or doesn’t exchange digital documents on a regular basis, Nextiva helps you stay on budget without paying for extras that you won’t use. You are allowed to send and receive up to 500 pages per month. It does require that you port your fax number to their service and they haven’t developed a mobile app as of yet. Still, for the price and number of pages available, Nextiva is a great option for the new business based in North America.


  • Lowest annual price
  • 500 pages sent or received
  • No mobile app or free 1-800 number


By selecting one of the top 3 online faxing services, you will be moving your business forward while leaving outdated equipment and practices behind. You only need to choose the one that best meets your needs for volume and ease of access without blowing the budget.