Life insurance can protect your loved ones in the event of your untimely passing—and in the meantime, it offers invaluable security and peace of mind. If you’re shopping for life insurance, then your first step should be finding quotes to compare for the best rates and benefits. Here, we’ll review three of the best insurance companies that offer free, no-hassle quotes for people who are thinking about getting life insurance policies. Most life insurance policies are affordable; they’re designed to be paid in the background of all your other expenses. Before seeking out life insurance quotes, start with these companies and learn more about their options.

Top 3 Life Insurance Companies

  • Northwestern Mutual
  • State Farm
  • MetLife

Northwestern Mutual

The first company on our list is Northwestern Mutual, which offers flexible payment plans in which clients set the duration of their policy payment plan. Many seniors are on fixed incomes, which means money can sometimes be tight, especially when unexpected medical situations arise. When this happens, Northwestern Mutual will not let policies expire simply because premiums are insufficient. Seniors who have a life insurance plan through this company also have numerous add-ons to choose from such as accidental death, long-term care costs and the costs associated with hospice care and funeral planning. No medical exam is required to sign up for coverage with Northwestern Mutual.


  • Flexible payment plans.
  • Policies don’t expire over insufficient premiums.
  • No medical exam required for coverage.

State Farm

Second on our list is State Farm, one of the nation’s most popular insurance providers. State Farm offers life insurance policies for durations of 10, 20 or 30 years for people up to 75 years old. The company offers Mortgage Life insurance to help pay your mortgage if you die, and younger customers ages 16 through 45 can buy special short-term policies that last either for 10 years or until the age of 45. Of course, the company also offers whole, universal and variable universal life insurance policies, and getting free quotes is easy from the company’s website. There is also a mobile app that lets people get quotes and manage their accounts.


  • Options available for younger customers.
  • Great mobile app.
  • 10, 20 and 30-year duration options for most customers.


Last on our list is MetLife, which offers great options for seniors. Not only do seniors not need a medical exam to sign up for a MetLife policy, but seniors can also convert their term life insurance plans without any personal medical review. Premium payments are waived if seniors become disabled or are otherwise unable to pay for various health reasons, which can be comforting for seniors who are concerned about their health going forward. Also, at the time of purchasing a life insurance policy, seniors are guaranteed minimum interest rates to add consistency to the life of their premiums.


  • Great options for seniors.
  • Guaranteed minimum interest rates.
  • Seniors can convert term life policies.


Shopping for life insurance doesn’t need to be stressful. These three companies are great places to start, and they make it easy to get fast, accurate quotes on all of their life insurance products.