Once a mainstay of off-road enthusiasts, today’s SUVs are more likely to be found in school pick-up lines or at the grocery store. If you are a suburbanite who wants to maintain a high level of style, check out the new 2018 Lexus RX. There’s no denying that the exterior styling is a bit avant-garde and certainly not the usual boxy shape! This vehicle seats seven comfortably and offers a good bit of cargo storage as well. While the cabin is quiet and comfortable, it is the exterior styling that really sets the RX apart from the SUV crowd.

Trim Levels

The standard model comes with a 3.5-liter V6 that is linked to an 8-speed automatic that delivers quite a lot of power. It is even more fuel efficient than many consumers expect, with a 22mpg standard. If fuel efficiency is your thing, take a look at the RX or RXL hybrid model that offers a wonderful 29mpg. The Base RX trim is plush enough for most, but if you want to up the luxury, you can upgrade to the posh RXL trim or the higher-performance RX F Sport trim.


  • RX trim is loaded with features
  • RX F Sport trim gets a sport-tuned suspension
  • RXL trim is packed with luxury and safety features

New Features

Other well-received features include the extra legroom for rear seated passengers, with the seven-passenger feature a lot more accommodating than many competitor models. If you are a tall person that is used to squeezing into tight quarters you will surely enjoy the roominess of the RX. The Lexus Safety System+ is rather comprehensive and includes features such as automatic emergency braking and lane-departure warning, as standard features. If more room is what you require, check out the new for 2018 RX L. Compared with other luxury SUVs, the Lexus RX is moderately priced between $43,120 and $56,495 depending on the trim chosen.


  • More room in the rear seats than previous model year
  • Features Lexus Safety System+
  • Moderately priced for a luxury crossover

User Issues

If there are any complaints about the new Lexus RX for 2018 it centers around the clunky handling of the vehicle that does not give a high feeling of sportiness but it does make you feel safe and secure, a very important feature for families. Another low point for some owners is the mouse control of the info interface. This mechanism can prove clumsy and distracting while you are getting used to it, but after a somewhat steep learning curve, most users report that they have no long-term issues with the Lexus info center. The rear window has also been reported to cause some problems for drivers that report limited visibility due to the thick glass and roof pillars. It is advised that an extensive test drive is performed prior to purchasing this vehicle.


  • Some problems with touchscreen interface
  • Handling isn’t always smooth
  • Limited visibility from rear window


Lexus is a highly regarded vehicle manufacturer, and the RX is no exception to the brand’s stable of quality vehicles. If you are looking for a comfortable vehicle that has a lot to offer, give the RX a try. This vehicle is highly ranked for safety and reliability, and the comfort of the cabin is also highly ranked. There are some limitations reported, but these perceived shortcomings may just come down to a matter of taste and personal preference.