Safety is synonomous with the brand Subaru. Rated number one by Consumer Reports as the Best Car in it’s class (Small SUV), the 2017 Subaru Forester is tried and true and continues to knock out the competition. But alas, you know this already and you’ve only come here to compare and contrast the many variations of the auto. Below you will find an overview of all six models of the Subaru Forester and how they fare against one another. What you’ll find is a collection of enticing trim levels that encompass just about anything you could ask for, whether you’re a weekend warrior or an in-town commuter. Read on to learn more about the top Forester otptions.


This beauty of a base model features two vehicles one with an automatic transmission and the other with a manual stick shift, priced (MSRP) at $24,470 and $23,470 respectively. Subaru is just about as green as you can get with a gas fueled vehicle, the 2.5i is a PZEV model. For the record PZEV stands for Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle. The standards required for this designation include an 150,000 mile or 15-year warranty on the components that comprise the emissions system, zero percent evaporative emissions from the automobile as well as meeting the SULEV (Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle), a California standard for tailpipe emissions. Comparatively speaking, of the eight Forester models six of the rascals have the PZEV designation. Trees and their planters are proud.


  • Six of the eight Forester’s have the PZEV designation
  • The MSRP for Athe entry level manual transmission Forester is $23,470
  • There are eight different models of the 2017 Subaru Forester

2.5i Limited In a Class By Itself

Literally this car is the only limited edition of the Subaru Forester 2017 . The MSRP jump to its $30,170 price tag can only be explained by the standard A/C with Climate Control and the power seating, also standard. It’s other interior amenities including leather seating and its heated and cooled seats may also explain the increase.


  • Standard Leather Seating
  • Baseline MSRP is set at $30,170
  • Standard Heated and Cooled Seat

2.5i Premium - A Ton of Value

This trim will make you feel like you’re driving a luxury vehicle at an affordable price. The 2.5i Premium features everything on the previous trims in addition to side mirrors with matching body paint, a power-adjustable driver’s seat, a rear roof spoiler, automatic climate control, a panoramic sunroof, a six-speaker satellite stereo system and more. In addition, the Premium can be upgraded with several packages.


  • A/C with Climate Control
  • Power Seating
  • $26,870 MSRP

2.5i Touring - Is There Something That This Vehicle Doesn’t Do?

Available with both All Wheel Drive and CVT (definition below) you will feel like you can do any and everything in this car whether on a prairie or a mountainside. MSRP begins at $32.170 and includes great mileage per gallon of gas at 26/city and 32/highway. Touring shares its great gas mileage with the 2.5i Premium and the 2.5i Limited models while its counterparts fare slightly lower.


  • AWD
  • CVT
  • 26/32 mpg

2.0XT Premium - Increased Horsepower

This model requires premium gasoline to wallop its 250 hp @5600 rpm along with the Touring twin. Drivers feel its worth it for the power and smoothness of the ride. Shares its torqToue values as well at 258 ft-lbs@2000 rpm. Surprise the gas mileage is the same as the Touring at 23/27.


  • Torque is358ft-lbs @2000 rpm
  • 23/27 mpg
  • Torque, gas mileage and horsepower is a twin for the XT Touring model

2.0XT Touring - Luxury and Power

Six of the Forester models feature CVT technology. CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission is actually an automatic tranny that lets you go from a automatic transmission mode to a stimulated manual transmission feel. Some drivers feel the need for this when they are on different terrains or in extreme weather conditions. The 4 cylinder engine packs a lot of power for a small SUV, maybe that is why it is featured in all of the Foresters. Both XT versions, the 2.0XT Touring and the 2.0 XT Premium sport a slightly smaller engine of 2.0 Liter as oppossed to the 2.5 Liter engine of the other six models.


  • Many of the Forester SUV’s have CVT transmissions
  • All Foresters Are 4 cylinder vehicles
  • Foresters come in both 2.0 Liter an 2.5 Liter models


Going out to conquer the road in your new small SUV just got easier. In the Forester you can feel good about driving in a car that aspires to be kind to it’s namesakes, the Forest and the Forester.