Project managers (PM) are an essential component for business and industry. PM educational programs are teaching the art of business aspects and technical applications. Students are learning how to synchronizing the process, while updating project management. It’s done by learning and developing specialized skills. Students gain technical knowledge and acquire interpersonal qualities and effective communications abilities. As the world around us changes and evolves, so must project managers. Each of these school programs have strong foundations based on critical business attributes while also advancing to keep up with the times. Read on to learn more about the top project management degree programs.

Top 5 Project Management Degree Programs

  • Industry Design
  • Veteran Foundations
  • Integration Technology
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership

George Washington University

Just a block from the White House is George Washington University. Students learn from principles of philosophies and economics. George Washington University offers two online project management graduate degrees. Students studying project management go on to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Students can complete the Project Management studies online or on-campus. The curriculum is based on skills needed to manage projects from conception to delivery. The focus is on leadership, planning, execution and practical management. The courses are comprised of elements for project management and executive decision making. The school has ties to major government and industry institutions. So many students establish career paths in government related projects and executive management positions.


  • Structure and alignment based on planning
  • Communicating the vision to the team
  • Strong interpersonal skills are elements of leadership

Norwich University

Norwich University is one of the first private military universities. The school’s MBA program offers a project management certification. Student entering the program learn the necessary elements principles and concepts of project management. The coursework is focused on project performance and organizational effectiveness. Studies include cost estimates, budget management, cost control and risk assessment. Depending on the area of specialization bid negotiation, contracts and performance reporting are part of the studies.


  • Designed for public and private industries
  • Real-world applications
  • Strong team building skills creating long term bonds

Northcentral University

Northcentral College of Professional Studies offer two programs for Project Management leading to a Master of Science in Project Management or a Master of Science in Leadership. Each program has an emphasis on project management. The courses prepare students to handle projects from conception to completion. The program’s goal is to strengthen leadership skills. The curriculum is focus on management and ethics, strategic thinking and organizational culture. Open discussion includes reviews of project risks, problem solving and collective team efforts.


  • Coursework consists of organization structures
  • Advanced topics include financial project management
  • Positions obtained are senior executive

St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

St. Mary’s offers a project management program for students through the Project Management Institute. Continuing studies lead to a Master’s of Science in Project Management. Something unique to the school’s program is the online program. Every student receives an iPad preloaded with the course software. Like the campus classes, students are able to connect with faculty and other students. The courses area developed to teach by participating in interactive coursework. Coursework includes risk management, procurement, monitoring and multi-project management.


  • Operations Management and Leadership
  • Customize the business core courses with a specialization
  • Practical management training

Purdue College of Technology

Purdue College of Technology offers a unique blend of Project Management and information technology. The technology sector of business has integrated into just about every aspect of commerce. Project Management study allows students to design and plan major developments using information technology. The curriculum is based on areas of knowledge for project management and human interactions. Students need to complete a degree in one of the engineering disciplines. On completion of the degree an engineering project manager can be certified.


  • Courses are designed for mid-career professionals and current IT managers
  • Project scheduling, budgeting and team relationships
  • Contract administration and information technology systems management


Project management is one of the fastest growing professions. The core education and developed of management skills has created a high demand. If you’re currently enrolled or looking to continue advance your career - one of these schools may offer the best option.