Discover one of the best data-driven ways to get a great night’s sleep! Eight Sleep is committed to helping consumers overcome common problems when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. Also known as the world’s first “smart bed,” the Eight Sleep mattresses tracks how sleepers rest throughout the night. Once morning comes, rested users can find out their sleep fitness on their mobile devices. Thanks to the integrated sensors and corresponding app, users can find out about their sleep patterns, tosses and turns, light and deep sleep, and even the room temperature. Eight Sleep currently offers two innovative mattress options to make it easier to get an optimal night’s sleep: the more traditional mattress and the brand-new Pod. Don’t miss out on this new sleep technology! Read on to find out more about the Eight Smart mattress, the new Pod, and deals on these products.

The Eight Sleep System

  • The Eight Smart Mattress
  • The Pod
  • Deals on Eight Sleep Products

The Eight Smart Mattress

This mattress is essentially an improved memory foam mattress combined with a “smart” mattress cover that operates as a sleep tracker. The mattress itself is made of four distinct layers of foam with a unique cell structure that returns to its original shape every time. The base layer is made of four inches of high-density, breathable support foam, followed by two inches of transition foam for weight distribution. The contouring memory foam provides superior comfort, while the last layer of reactive foam is designed to stay cool and comfortable. The sleep tracker is a cover - like a mattress pad - that contains multiple sensors that track sleep times, light and deep sleep, breathing rate, heartbeat. This tracker can also provide white noise, different types of timers, and room and bed temperature control. All sleep information is contained in the app, which is compatible with Android or Apple mobile devices. Also included is smart home integration, as the Eight Sleep system is compatible with Alexa and Google.


  • Four distinct layers of foam
  • “Smart” mattress cover is a sleep tracker
  • App keeps and analyzes sleep data

The Pod

The Pod is the latest mattress technology offered by Eight Sleep. This mattress is built for deeper, more comprehensive sleep, learning each person’s needs and responding to those in real time. With five layers, the Pod provides maximum air flow with a perforated Active Grid on top of foam designed to relieve pressure. The high-quality foam is covered by a durable and high-quality cotton-knit cover that increases comfort. The Eight Sleep app track everything that the Eight Sleep Smart mattress does, and records all data in the app. The Pod, however, provides active cooling and heating throughout the night using a fluid-based thermoelectric system that helps sleepers to stay asleep and uses surface temperature to help you wake up naturally. Those who want the latest sleep technology would benefit from The Pod.


  • Latest tech in sleep fitness
  • Five layers for deeper sleep
  • Fluid-based heating and cooling

Deals on Eight Sleep Products

The original Eight Sleep Smart Mattress can be purchased online in a few convenient places. The Eight Sleep website sells the Smart Mattress at a starting price of $995, which includes the memory foam and tracker pieces. There are also accessories available for purchase. Different models of the Eight Sleep mattresses can also be found on Amazon and, retailing between $899 and $1,299, depending on what’s included. The Pod is currently for sale only from the Eight Sleep website starting at 1,995 - shoppers can reserve their Pod before these mattresses are released. The Eight Sleep tracker can be bought separately and used over an existing mattress. This product retails for $399 for queen and $419 for king. However, consumers who need a new mattress would benefit from buying the mattress and the tracker as one package. Fortunately, a 100 night free trial is provided.


  • Smart mattresses are available online
  • Smart mattresses retail for $1,000
  • The Pod mattresses can be reserved


The Eight Sleep system is the next step in getting the best possible night’s sleep. Don’t miss out on the chance to improve your sleep fitness and feel better than you thought possible.