Big test coming up? Studying by yourself, with no help, can be difficult for many people. Its usually difficult to tell what you should even be studying to be well-prepared, especially when it comes to major, life-changing tests. Online, you can find numerous test preparation courses that can help you prepare for any major test. Whether studying for the GRE, the MCAT or even the Bar, you can find the right test preparation courses designed to help you do as well on those tests as you can.  Using intuitive technology and comprehensive expertise, online test preparation courses can help you pass any exam with flying colors. The top three test preparation courses come from Kaplan, Barbri and the Princeton Review. If you are in need of online test preparation courses that will help you review for that big, life-changing test coming up, read on to find out more.

Top 3 Test Preparation Courses

  • Kaplan MCAT
  • Barbri
  • The Princeton Review GRE Test Prep

Kaplan MCAT

Studying for the MCAT? Kaplan University will help you prepare better than anyone. Their MCAT test preparation courses offer more live videos than any other online course. Attend live courses right at your desktop and ask questions right in your home, in a stress-free environment for maximum learning. With Kaplan’s MCAT prep courses, you’ll get over 30 hours of programming every week. Right now you can save up to $200 on their courses. Personal tutoring is also available for as low as $300. Live, online learning starts as low as $2299. But if you can’t afford that, there is also a self-paced course for less than $1,800 that lets you prepare at your own speed. For an exam that is over six hours long, Kaplan’s MCAT test prep courses are an excellent value.


  • Tutoring available
  • Live online instruction
  • Self-prep course for less than $1,800


Law students will love the Barbri Bar Review designed to turn students in licensed attorneys in no time. For as low as $2495 you can be well-prepared to tackle the Bar in any state. Barbri review courses use innovative technologies and elite faculty members with a vast knowledge of law to help you pass the Bar. Having developed over 50 years ago, Barbri continues to attract numerous students, helping millions pass the bar. With numerous test preparation course options, you can find the exact experience you are looking for including an early start review, a personal study plan and a mobile app.


  • 50 years of experience
  • Courses as low as $2,495
  • Mobile app available

The Prince Review GRE Test Prep

The Princeton Review GRE test prep can help students in a variety of subjects prepare for the GRE test for graduate school. Offering a variety of online lessons, students can complete the GRE Test Prep courses in no time, mastering the content of the GRE and maximizing your score on the test. For as low as $199, you’ll get 120 days of online tool access to help you prepare for the GRE with the self=[aced program. At just $749, you can get 24-hour live video instruction, numerous detailed videos and even more tools to help you. There’s even DrillSmart, a practice tool that can help you improve your score tenfold. Princeton Review’s GRE Test Prep courses come with a guarantee that you’ll get higher scores on your GRE or your money back.


  • 24-hour instruction available
  • Course materials as low as $199
  • Guaranteed refund if unsatisfied


Whether a law student medical student or any other graduate student, online test preparation courses can prepare you for any major test, potentially changing your life for the better. Online test prep courses can be completed in the comfort of your home, allowing you to study hard, learn a ton and all while you kick back in your pajamas.