If you’re tired of paying high prices for cable, there are several great options to look into that can save you money on your monthly bill. From choosing bundle packages to limiting the channels in your lineup, saving money starts with finding the best cable TV deals available. In many cases, choosing to bundle your cable with other services, such as internet or phone service, can get you significant savings. In addition, cable companies often offer great deals to new customers, or current customers who are shopping for cheaper rates. The top three cheap cable options are through Xfinity, Time Warner and Cox Communications. Keep reading to learn more about the top deals, so you can start saving more today.

Top Cheap Cable Options

  • Xfinity Digital Economy Package
  • Charter Spectrum TV Triple Play Select
  • Cox Communications Bronze Triple Play Bundle

Xfinity Digital Economy Package

If you’re located in an area served by Comcast/Xfinity and want cheap cable options without all the bells and whistles, the Digital Economy Package is the perfect choice for you. This package gets you 45 channels for just $29.95 per month, and channels include CNN, Food Network and several other popular cable channels to choose from. This is a great option for anyone looking for basic cable channels, as well as local programming, for one low monthly price. If you want a few more channels added on, you can step up to the Digital Starter Package, which gives you over 140 channels for a bit more per month, at $49.99.


  • Cheapest cable option available through Xfinity
  • Most popular basic cable channels are included in the 45+ channel lineup
  • Local access channels included

Charter Spectrum TV Triple Play Select

For people who love to save by opting for bundles, the Charter Spectrum Triple Play Select bundle is definitely worth checking out. For just $29.99 per month (for the first 12 months) you’ll enjoy 125+ channels plus 60 Mbps internet at one low monthly rate. This is one of the best cable TV bundles available! Premium channels and another 50 non-premium channels can also be added on for another $20 per month. Phone service is also included in the bundle, and includes 18 popular calling features, unlimited local and long-distance calling, no added fees and more. Prices may increase after 12 months, so be sure to check for new deals and offers often.


  • Three services for just $29.99 per month for the first 12 months
  • Add premium and additional non-premium channels for just $20 more per month
  • Phone service includes unlimited local and long-distance calling

Cox Communications Bronze Triple Play Bundle

The Cox Communications Bronze Triple Play Bundle is an excellent choice for anyone looking for cable/phone/internet deals, all at one affordable price. For $89.99, the Cox Bronze Bundle includes 100 Mbps internet, Countour TV and home telephone service. Bundle includes modem and there is no setup fee with professional installation of services. Prices separately, services would total almost $200 per month, so this is a great option for bargain hunters, but keep in mind that the promo price increases after 12 months ($20 per month more for the second year).


  • Save over $100 per month by bundling services
  • Modem and free setup are included
  • Price increases by $20 per month for second year


With so many great deals out there to choose from, there’s no reason to overspend each month on cable TV services. Whether you want basic channels or a full triple-play bundle, there are great options for just about every need and budget. Be sure to compare rates and look into current pricing and cable TV promotions before choosing your cable provider, so you can be sure to get the best deals available!