With snow on its way, now is the time to look for a snowblower. There are a variety of snowblowers available. The prices vary depending upon whether or not you need one to tackle heavy snowfalls or something that will handle light dustings. Compact machines tend to work well on smaller driveways while midsize and larger models can handle heavy storms quite easily. If you live on a hilly driveway, you might want to consider a larger model that has power-driven wheels. Snowblowers can be single-stage or double-stage and either gas or electric. Single stage are best for shorter, flat driveways. While double stage are ideal for longer or hilly driveways. Read on to learn more about the top-rated models.

Top 5 Snowblowers of 2016-17

  • Husqvarna 100 Series 21-inch Gas Snow Blower
  • Honda 20-inch Gas Snow Blower
  • Ariens 28-inch Deluxe Gas Snow Blower 2-Stage
  • Cub Cadet 24-inch Gas Snow Blower 2-Stage
  • Toro Powerclear Gas Blower Single Stage

Husqvarna 100 Series 21-inch Gas Snow Blower-Single Stage

This compact unit, coming in at around $600, packs more than enough power for most jobs. It features Husqvarna’s unique two-stage system, It grinds down the snow before feed it into the housing and discharging it. This allows the snowblower to tackle hard packed snow with ease. Another great feature is the compact design, allowing this blower to fit very easily into your garage, leaving you plenty of room for your car.


  • Electric start
  • External lighting
  • Can clear up to 8-inches of snow

Honda 20-inch Gas Snow Blower-Single Stage

This gas blower, also around $600, is reliable and consistent, just as you would expect with most Honda engines. It is designed to handle heavy snow. It does have a pull start, but it is equipped with the four-stroke Honda engine, which allows it to easily start. In addition, this machine is easy to use and lightweight. This makes it convenient and easy to clear the entire driveway.


  • Fuel-efficient
  • Honda’s 4-stroke technology makes starting easy
  • Rugged construction

Ariens 28-inch Deluxe Gas Snow Blower 2-Stage

This powerful snow blower features auto-turn steering, perfect for heavy-duty jobs. This blower is made of durable, all steel construction and handles large, hilly driveways with ease. It runs right around $1100, which is a great price for a machine with its capabilities.


  • 50-feet throwing distance
  • Extreme clearing depth up to 16-inches
  • Self-propelled with 2 reverse speeds and 6 forward speeds

Cub Cadet 24-inch Gas Snow Blower 2-Stage

Some of the features that make the Cub Cadet 24-inch model a great snowblower include the power steering, bright headlight and the heavy-duty steel blades. It can handle even harsh East Coast winters with ease. The blue skid shoes allow this machine to easily glide along the ground for better handling and maneuverability. In addition, it will not rust surfaces as some other blowers can do. The Cub Cadet comes in at about $750.


  • Push-button electric start
  • 24-inch clearing path
  • Throws snow up to 35-ft

Toro Powerclear Gas Blower Single Stage

This gas snow blower offers powerful throwing potential for its size. It can throw up to 35-feet and has a 10-inch clearing depth. This machine is equipped with a 212 cc engine that allows it to blow snow up to 35-feet away, this is quite a long distance for single stage blowers. It also comes with Toro’s unique warranty, which states that if this blower does not start in the first two years, Toro will fix it for free.


  • Electric start
  • Compact design and folding handles
  • Self-propel system


Get ready for snowfall this season with any of the 5 snowblowers listed above. They all offer a range of capabilities to meet any snow removal job.