People often rely heavily on mechanics to do repairs that they could do themselves. If you are interested in repairing your car yourself and need a source for parts, there are many online auto part shops you can use. There are hundreds of these sites available. The following five are among the most successful and useful online car part sites. Each has multiple benefits that make them useful for a variety of needs. Keep reading to learn more about the top five retailers for ordering auto supplies. 

Top 5 Retailers for Ordering Auto Supplies

  • RockAuto
  • NAPA Online
  • CARiD
  • 1A Auto
  • GetUsedParts


This site is a fairly simple one that offers you a variety of ways to order parts. Its interface is intuitive and easy to understand, including a “part catalog” section that allows you to look though a vast array of items. You can also search for parts by number, look for universal parts, and apply a variety of promotions and rebates. One of the nicer things about this site is that it not only lets you return items, but will sort them based on currency. This gives the site a nice international feel that separates it a bit from its competition.


  • Simple interface
  • Hundreds of part options
  • Promotions and rebates

NAPA Online

NAPA is a trusted auto parts provider and their online app is excellent. It includes a variety of parts and accessories and automatically adjusts your site to include contact information for your nearest NAPA dealer. It even allows online reservations and money-saving deals. One of the biggest advantages of this site is its educational section, which includes various videos and other content that help teach you more about used auto parts. This makes NAPA online a great choice for people who are learning how to install auto parts.


  • Educational material
  • Online reservations
  • Money-saving deals


This site is one of the easiest auto part sites to use because it allows for greater specificity. For example, you can look up your categories by the area on which you will install it, making it easier to identify the party you need. You can also look it up by the type of vehicle, the car part numbers, and even the manufacturer. Even better is the useful help center that includes a variety of regularly updated topics. It also includes a live chat with a real auto specialist, helping to make it easier than ever to find the part you need for your vehicle at a reasonable price.


  • Live chat
  • Help center
  • Very specific search engine

1A Auto

1A Auto stands apart from its competitors by offering installation videos. This great option makes it easier for you to install your parts, especially for those who haven’t done part installation before. The other major benefit of this site is same-day shipping (absolutely free!) and live chat for up-to-the-minute updates. Like other sites, it includes the ability to search for parts by model, by manufacturer, and by parts numbers. However, the above-mentioned items are what really sets this site apart.


  • Installation videos
  • Same-day shipping
  • Great customer service


GetUsedParts is one of the most interesting of all the online auto parts dealers because it has been streamlined for mobile use. This makes it perfect for owners who either don’t use a computer or who have to look up an auto part while out of the house. Its interface includes a simple search window and a variety of other options which you can use in a pinch. For example, it includes an area where you can actually sell used parts (should you have any you want to get rid of quickly), helps you look up parts by the provider, by the various numbers, by the type of vehicle, and even includes an in-depth auto parts guide. For such a simple site, GetUsedParts offers a lot of content.


  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Option to sell your own parts
  • In-depth auto part guide


There is no right answer when deciding between these various sites. Do you like the simple interface of RockAuto and its selection of parts? Or are you more of a fan of the sleek and mobile-friendly design offered by GetUsedParts? Whichever option you choose, spend some time exploring the site and really check into the available parts. That’s the best way to save yourself a lot of money.