Eating healthy is crucial in staying healthy, and with the plethora of food options available on the market, you might be overwhelmed when trying to make a purchase. Subscription boxes solve this problem as every item in the box is not only healthy but is also carefully selected to suit your needs and preferences. There are a variety of subscription boxes to be considered, but you should consider subscribing for any of the top five subscription options. These boxes save you the time and energy of researching each product, and you get to receive the box on a regular basis and in the most convenient manner.

Top 5 Health Food Subscription Boxes  

  • Love with Food Box
  • Plated
  • Vegan Cuts Snack Box
  • Amoda Tea Subscription Box
  • Butcher Box

Love with Food Box

This box is a snack subscription available in three different options; a tasting box, a gluten free box, and an amazing deluxe box. It contains snacks that could be gluten-free, Organic, GMO-free or simply all natural depending on your preference.

Love with food tasting box may contain eight varieties of sweet and savory snacks, Love with Food Gluten Free Box may contain about 8-12 organic and all- natural gluten free snacks. Love with Food Deluxe Box contains about 16-20 snacks per month.


  • Offers a Tasting Box, a Gluten Free Box a Deluxe Box.
  • Contains eight or more unique snacks per month.
  • Snacks are either GMO-free, organic, gluten-free, all-natural or free of non-natural additives.

Plated Subscription box

This option is a weekly subscription box that contains pre-portioned and fresh recipes selected by you to make a meal. Each recipe lists calorie content and cooking time to help you decide which best suits your lifestyle. A dissimilar menu is offered each week with 11 dishes to choose from. You get to select the meal you would want to make and as well as the portions. You also have the option of choosing from two different dessert options each week.

There are vegetarian meals and dairy free options. The seafood in the pack is sustainably sourced, and the meat is antibiotics free.


  • Offers a different menu each week, with 11 different dishes for you to choose from.
  • Contains fresh and pre-portioned recipes.
  • Vegetarian and dairy free options are available.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

This subscription box is filled with natural and vegan food products. Each box has an information card that explains to you the details of each item in the box. Although many of the products are gluten-free, the box is not a gluten free box.

The box contains products like Sensible Foods Dried Fuji Apple (crunch) (which is low in calories), Herbal Zap Digestive Cool and Calm, Life’s Nuts Sprouted Pizzalmonds, Orgain Organic and Plant Based Protein Bars with Peanut Butter Flavor (which contains a lot of fiber), and a host of others.


  • Contains only natural and vegan products.
  • Includes an information card about each product.
  • The items are mostly gluten free.

Amoda Tea Subscription Box

This subscription box contains blended loose-leaf teas sourced from different parts of the world. Four different tea blends are sent to you every month, and each tea pack can make 3-5 cups. Also, contained in the box are biodegradable tea filters and an information card that describes each tea blend. Each tea bag has a portion measurement and steeping instruction. The box also contains a little roll of tea napkins and a small, spiced marshmallow.


  • Includes four different blended loose-leaf teas in small batches.
  • Each tea can make 3-5 cups.
  • Contains an information card describing each tea blend

Butcher Box

This subscription box contains 7-10 pounds of 100% grass-fed beef, humanely raised chicken and heritage pork. It comes in pre-portioned packages enough for about 20 meals. The box contains recipe cards with cooking tips. The meat packages are frozen. This box simply gives you easy access to grass fed beef which is not readily available locally.

There are four different boxes; it’s either you get the all-beef box, the beef and pork box, the beef and chicken box or a mixed box of beef, pork and chicken box.


  • Contains 7-10 pounds 100% grass-fed beef.
  • There are four different boxes available.
  • The meats come frozen.

These subscription boxes not only guarantee easy access to a variety of healthy food options but they are also delivered at your doorstep. They are your best bet at healthy and stress-free eating.