Home medical beds are essential for people with injuries or health ailments that require specific positioning, regular adjustments or treatment using medical equipment—some people may need medical beds simply because they’re temporarily unable to walk upstairs to their bedrooms. Some of the best electronically adjustable medical beds on today’s market include the Flex-A-Bed’s Premier, Sleep-Ezz’s Deluxe Line Bariatric Adjustable Bed, Pro-Motion Adjustable Bed by Leggett&Platt, the 185 Hi-Low Series by Flex-A-Bed and the Supernal Hi-Low Bed by Transfer Master. Choosing the best medical bed can make a tremendous difference for a patient’s treatment and quality of life. Read on to learn more about the top-rated medical bed options.

Top 5 Home Medical Beds:

  • Flex-A-Bed Premier
  • Sleep-Ezz Deluxe Line Bariatric Adjustable Bed
  • Pro-Motion Adjustable Bed by Leggett & Platt
  • 185 Hi-Low Series by Flex-A-Bed
  • Supernal Hi-Low Bed by Transfer Master

Flex-A-Bed Premier

The Flex-A-Bed Premier combines the comfort of a luxury mattress with the utility of a medical bed. Made in the United States, the Flex-A-Bed Premier is available in twin, full, queen, split queen and split king sizes. The Premier mattress comes standard with a Bioguard™ treatment, which prevents bacterial growth - something that extends the life of any mattress but particularly a medical bed. Opt for the massage option and a therapeutic massage is only the press of a button away. White glove delivery service is also available.


  • Bioguard™ treatment
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Massage upgrade available

Sleep-Ezz Deluxe Line Bariatric Adjustable Bed

The Deluxe Line Bariatric Adjustable Bed by Sleep-Ezz allows you to get a peaceful, restful night of sleep with its multiple positions. The Deluxe Line Bariatric Adjustable Bed can comfortably and safely accommodate up to 600 pounds; a height extension is also available. This mattress, thanks to the Ultra-Ezz massage system, is classified as a Class I medical device because the horizontal and vertical massage improves circulation and increases the flow of body fluids.


  • 600 pound weight limit
  • Height extension available
  • Ultra-Ezz massage system

Pro-Motion Adjustable Bed by Leggett & Platt

The Pro-Motion Adjustable Bed by Leggett & Platt is one the premium adjustable beds in the market. The Pro-Motion bed features Hanes Grip-Tight technology, ensuring that your mattress doesn’t slide off the base. The mattress is comprised of high density polyurethane foam, which offers incredible support for the back, shoulders, and neck. Because the mattress is high density, it will reduce pressure which brings comfort to your muscles. Rest peacefully knowing your investment is protected with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Hanes Grip-Tight non-slip technology
  • High density polyurethane foam mattress
  • Limited lifetime warranty

185 Hi-Low Series by Flex-A-Bed

Flex-A-Bed delivers another winning adjustable medical bed with the 185 Hi-Low Series. Aptly named, the 185 Hi-Low Series works with users to make getting in and out of bed as easy as possible; with the press of a button, the bed height adjusts from 24 to 31 inches. Suitable to accommodate up to 400 pounds, the Hi-Low Series is ideal for those who require home health care but still like to get in and out of bed on their own. The reinforced base features a 4-inch foundation that will not squeak or bend.


  • Adjustable bed height
  • Heavy duty 4-inch foundation
  • Fully adjustable

Supernal Hi-Low Bed by Transfer Master

The Supernal Hi-Low Bed by Transfer Master features the convenience of the adjustable mattress height just like Flex-A-Bed’s Hi-Low series. However, the Supernal Hi-Low Bed takes that convenience and adds even more amenities. Choose the Ascent I mattress option and you will receive a mattress that is comprised of a progressive laminated foam that creates a healthy sleep environment for your skin. Embedded with hidden electrical connections, this mattress has a luxurious, state-of-the-art massage system. Transfer Master knows that a medical bed gets even more use than a typical household bed; that’s why Transfer Master offers two mattress covers. The Natural Bamboo Quilted Cover showcases a deodorizing and antibacterial technology while the Stretch Fabric Cover is easy to clean and waterproof.


  • Adjustable bed height
  • Ascent I mattress option
  • Choice of mattress cover


When you require extended homecare, choosing an adjustable, comfortable medical bed can improve your homecare experience. Choose of these top-rated adjustable medical beds and see firsthand how comfortable you can be in your own home.