Women face many health issues, but few are as common and life-threatening as breast cancer. There are few women who don’t know someone, perhaps someone close, who has been affected by the disease of breast cancer. While treatment is shifting the odds in the favor of women seeking treatment, often the treatment process is daunting, to say the least. The issues surrounding breast cancer strike close to the heart of half of the world’s population. But it happens and thankfully, modern medicine is better able to intervene than it was able to 20 years ago. Steps can be taken and treatments delivered that will allow women to recover and live their lives more fully than ever before. After the surgery though, what happens? After mastectomy, a woman will have emotional, financial, and even, some basic considerations…such as how to dress a transformed body post-surgery.

Top 4 Bras for Women Who’ve Had Mastectomies:

  • JODEE HEAVENLY PINK BRA - Molded Seamless Bra - STYLE 817
  • ABC 133 Rose Contour T-Back Bra
  • Trulife 4019 Jessica Cami Style Lace Accent Mastectomy Bra
  • Classique 722 Seamless Cotton Bra


This seamless bra is molded to help you define your new shape after surgery. It’s light weight fabric is comfortable and designed to help protect the breast area which will be sensitive post treatment. A slight touch of lace gives this bra a distinctively feminine touch. The construction allows for this particular bra to be worn with t-shirts and close fitting clothing quickly after the reconstruction process. The desire of every woman is to return to normalcy as quickly as possible. This bra allows women to return to their normal clothing options as quickly, and comfortably, as possible. Also, each cup of the bra has a convenient pocket that accommodates a breast form insert.


  • Comortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Seamless

ABC 133 Rose Contour T-Back Bra

With a front closure system, this bra does a lot of things. First of all, it gives you a great fit under your summer dresses. Also, the t-back design provides support for every woman’s frame. The delicate color of the bra is undetectable under clothing yet undeniably feminine. The soft, stretchy fabric features a delicate jacquard pattern. Its stylish, comfortable and affordable.


  • Front closure system
  • Soft support
  • T-back design

Trulife 4019 Jessica Cami Style Lace Accent Mastectomy Bra

Lacy camisoles peeking out from under sweaters and t-shirts are an ultra-sexy style choice. This bra for women who have had mastectomy’s will get them feeling fresh and feminine quickly. A lace panel bridges each cup to create the illusion of a lace camisole. While provided the necessary support and soft, silky comfort, this bra also provides each woman with the feeling of femininity.


  • Lacy feminine design
  • Attractive camisole look
  • Sexy style

Classique 722 Seamless Cotton Bra

Never show an unfortunate bump under your clothing again! This bra’s seamless construction ensure that every woman will feel supported and put together. This bra features pockets for breast form inserts to ensure that each woman looks their best. Also, the straps are wide and soft to provide the support and comfort women are looking for after surgery.


  • Soft support
  • Breast form inserts
  • Wide, supple straps for support


There are many bra options post-surgery. These are a few that we thought were the best. The choices of bras for women who’ve had breast cancer surgery is highly personal.