Want a degree in technology education? Technology education programs can provide you with technological literacy as a educational tool.  With technology education programs, students can apply technology to an educational environment to improve learning. Master’s technology education programs can prepare students to teach in both public and private schools in administrative roles, as technology coordinators, or trainers in education technology. Additionally, those with a technology education degree may be well-prepared for online teaching, or managing distance education programs. Technology education can be useful for corporate training. Whatever you may need your degree for, the top technology education programs in the country can help. The top 3 technology education programs include Teachers College, Purdue University and Virginia Tech. If you are interested in a Master’s Education Technology degree, read on to learn more.

Top 3 Technology Education Programs

  • Teachers College
  • Purdue
  • Virginia Tech

Teachers College

Teachers College is located at Columbia University and offers one of the best technology education programs. Its program aims to provide the perfect solution to urban education, maximizing learning through the use of technology. Using urban and suburban school research, the program has been designed with the utmost care and precision. Focusing on teacher learning from K-12, the program shows teachers how technology can be used effectively in the classroom. The program requires a minimum of 32 credits to graduate. Some of the courses offered include Object-Oriented Theory, and Cognition and Computers and Equity. But these are just a few of the courses offered.


  • Program based on urban and suburban school research
  • 32 credits to graduate
  • Object-Oriented Theory classes


Purdue’s online technology education program is part of their Learning Design and Technology Department. Using cutting edge technology and advanced theory, the program teaches students the necessary skills to design their own programs and implement technologically advanced tools in their instruction. By making teachers more technologically proficient, the program can train the modern teacher to be more flexible when it comes to instruction. Out of state, tuition costs only about $669 per credit, while in-state it only costs about $348. The program is entirely online for your convenience, allowing for flexibility and learning at your own speed.


  • Mix of theory and practice
  • Online program only
  • $348 per credit for in-state students

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech despite its negative press associated with it in the past, remains one of the best tech schools out there. Offering a Master’s of Arts in Instructional Technology degree, its technology education program is provided by the Department of Learning Sciences and Technologies. Designed to prepare teachers from kindergarten through community college, the program can instruct teaching professionals to become well-adverse in the use of technology in schools. Using a mix of online courses, textbooks, CDs and web tutorials, the program provides all the materials needed for successful learning. Requiring only 21 credits plus 9 credits worth of electives, this Master’s program can be completed in no time.


  • Get an Instructional Technology degree
  • Materials include web tutorials, online courses and CDs
  • 30 credits total required


Teachers looking to expand their teaching methods to incorporate technology may find a technology education program to be most useful. With a technology education program, interested teachers or trainers may acquire the skills and tools they need to implement the most effective teaching methods, while earning a relevant degree.