Today’s professionals work from home and at traditional offices. Many telecommuters set up home offices that are outfitted with the same equipment that they use in commercial spaces. These items include professional or home-use printers and copiers. Modern printers are fairly easy to maintain, but users have to replace or refill ink cartridges according to their frequency of use. Whether a person works remotely from their home or are the office manager for a corporate workspace, they’ll want to know the best places to buy printer ink. These people will be interested in stores that offer print-shop quality ink refills, branded ink cartridges and easy ordering processes. Here are three venues that sell ink and ink packs that operate with popular printer models.

Best Places to Buy Printer Ink

  • Online Retailers
  • Warehouse Clubs
  • Big-Box Retailers
  • Online Retailers

Online Retailers

Online retailers offer one of the most convenient ways to purchase printer ink. There are many websites that sell ink cartridges from original equipment brands and third-party manufacturers. These e-tailers carry new cartridges, refurbished ink packs and refillable ink kits. When it comes to online printer ink sales, Amazon crushes the competition. The brands that it sells include Brother, Canon, Dell and Hewlett Packard (HP). Amazon’s easy return and buyer protection policies make it the go-to source for new and refurbished ink cartridges. Carrot Ink is another established online printer ink supplier. It’s known for its discounted printer inks that include refurbished and third-party manufactured cartridges. It’s a good choice for those who need bulk ink supplies for government offices, schools and large corporations. Carrot ink gives these entities quantity discounts and allows them to split up shipments to various locations across the United States. When the best quality prints are needed, purchasing ink cartridges from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) websites is a pricier but better option.


  • Convenient and often less expensive than other options
  • Choose from original equipment brands or third-party manufacturers
  • New cartridges, refurbished cartridges and refill packs available

Warehouse Clubs

Warehouse clubs are great places to purchase printer ink. Club members can get OEM printer ink cartridges for less than they would pay at other venues. Many of these clubs also have flexible delivery options that allow customers to shop in stores or purchase items through the store’s website. Members can often get free shipping for ink that they buy online or have the option to pick-up their online purchases at brick-and-mortar stores. BJ’s Wholesale Club is a warehouse club that offers in-store, online and site-to-store bargains. It carries a variety of single and multi-pack OEM printer cartridges. Specific brands that are available at BJ’s Wholesale Club include HP, Canon, Brother and Epson. Sam’s Club is another warehouse store that offers good prices on branded printer ink. Members can get both new and refurbished printer ink cartridges. Sam’s Club carries Lexmark, Canon, Epson, HP, Innovera and Brother printer ink brands. The Costco warehouse club carries some of the same brands as other stores at comparable prices. It also offers a cartridge refilling service that helps its members save even more money on printer ink. The service is only available for OEM printer ink cartridges. Members are encouraged to bring their cartridges into the store to be refilled while they shop; cartridges are ready for pick up in an hour.


  • Find OEM printer ink cartridges for less than you’d pay elsewhere
  • Most offer flexible delivery and free shipping
  • Carry most well-known brands, such as Canon, Brother, Epson and HP

Big-Box Retailers

The local big-box retailer is another convenient place to buy printer ink cartridges. While brick-and-mortar office supply stores have closed many locations due to sluggish sales in their sector, one can still find more than a few outlets in most cities. Due to heavy competition from online platforms such as Amazon, these retailers offer exceptional variety, pricing and services. Office Depot carries all the well-known brands for printer ink cartridges that include HP, Brother, Epson, Canon, Dell, Samsung and Lexmark. It offers a price match policy that guarantees that its customers get the best prices on printer ink, and Office Depot customers enjoy free shipping. Consumers can save extra on printer ink by purchasing Office Depot-brand refurbished printer cartridges. With its subscription program, customers can receive automatic shipments of ink to their home or office. They never have to worry about running out of ink again. Staples is a direct competitor of Office Depot and carries many of the same OEM printer inks. It also has its own line of printer ink cartridges that are compatible with the most popular printer brands. Consumers can find a wide selection of printer ink cartridges at Walmart. This store offers rock-bottom prices and convenient in-store, online and site-to-store pickup.


  • Usually carry all well-known brands and styles of cartridges
  • Competitive pricing means you can save big on your printer ink refills
  • Automatic shipments available


When shopping for the best place to buy printer ink, be sure to look for the best deals at various retailers. While some retailers may charge more, special deals and sales can help you save big on your printer ink, and most retailers have specials regularly. No matter which retailer you choose, be sure you’re getting quality products and service by reading reviews before you purchase.