If your business has experienced rapid growth, you might be struggling to keep up by using manual processes. An order management system is critical if this is the case. Order management software will facilitate the organization of orders from all different sales channels. It will allow you fill orders efficiently and retain control over your client’s experience. When choosing an order management system, pay most attention to the following areas: order amount (how many orders can be processed in a month), price (look for the smallest tier-pricing plan), users (find out how many users the system accepts at one time), support (what is their support plan?), shipping (does the system provide a shipping solution?) and inventory (the system must provide a solution for inventory management). The top order management systems that will be discussed are TradeGecko, Freestyle Solutions, and Crazy Vendor. Read on to learn more about these top-rated options.

Top 3 Order Management Systems

  • TradeGecko
  • Freestyle Solutions
  • Crazy Vendor


TradeGecko’s order management software allows customers to synchronize their inventory with their orders, simplify sales orders workflow (starting at order creation through fulfillment), gather all of their sales channels in one place, and get real time access to sales reports. This software also allows clients to generate sales orders at sales meeting and trade shows. TradeGecko’s price tag comes in at approximately $79 per month. It provides an unlimited amount of orders, and a limit of 2 users at a time. It has a 24/7/365 email help center (which appears to be unique to TradeGecko). Their system does not have a shipping solution, but it does provide an inventory management solution. TradeGecko touts itself as having the topmost robust platform for all companies seeking both order management and inventory control. TradeGecko must be integrated with ShipStation. The company has a few new features - a mobile app called TradeGecko for Sales, and a eCommerce B2B platform. Clients can now enter into wholesaling with their new customized eCommerce storefronts. Sales team members give positive reviews of their new iOS sales tool, which has proven useful for meeting customers at trade shows.


  • TradeGecko provides unlimited amount of orders and limit of 2 users at a time
  • Must be integrated with ShipStation for shipping
  • Has a 24/7/365 email help center

Freestyle Solutions

Freestyle Solutions is available for $99 a month, and has an unlimited order amount. Only 1 user at a time is allowed. This company provides phone support (doesn’t specify the hours), and has both a shipping solution as well as an inventory management solution. Freestyle Solutions was formerly Dydacomp. The name change came about because of this company’s increased commitment to a new cloud-based eCommerce platform. With Freestyle solutions, online retailers and other clients can manage both their orders and inventory in one place, plus streamline all order processes. Stock levels can be synched across all channels. Sellers are able to integrate their shipping process with drop ship capabilites and shipment tracking. Additional perks include accounting capabilities, customer management, and business intelligence. Clients are not charged by the number of channels, users, or SKUs.


  • Freestyle has unlimited order amount but only 1 user at a time
  • Stock levels synched across all channels
  • Additional perks include accounting capabilities customer management and business intelligence


CrazyVendor has a very inexpensive price tag of $39 a month, an order amount cap of 100, and an unlimited amount of users. It offers phone, email, and chat support, and has inventory and shipping solutions. CrazyVendor’s services are web based, and permit the user to manage all online orders in one location. Clients can synchronize stock levels. In addition, clients can both print and customize shipping labels. Client satisfaction of both Trust Pilot and Capterra is high. Both companies appear to be very pleased with their product. It’s interesting that CrazyVendor is unique for providing unlimited users, no matter what pricing tier you are in. A negative is that the number of processed orders is limited. This order management system is custom made for organizations that require multiple users, but haven’t yet acquired a significant amount of orders.


  • CrazyVendor offers phone email and chat support and has inventory and shipping solutions
  • Clients can synchronize stock levels system
  • Custom-made for organizations requiring multiple users


In conclusion, TradeGecko, Freestyle Solutions, and Crazy Vendor all provide robust order management systems. Clients can choose any of these companies, depending on what features are most important to them—having unlimited users or order amounts, a low monthly cost, or the capability of inventory management and shipping.