Many senior citizens carry a phone for emergency purposes rather than access to the web or various apps. Because of this, many of the top carriers will offer a usage plan that is targeted to their needs. If you are looking for an affordable and basic plan as a senior, there are several options available. Whether you just need access to emergency communication while on the go, or are in the market for something a little bit more comprehensive, we have you covered. Pay-as-you-go plans are best for users that only need their mobile phone for emergencies, flexible plans work well for seniors that use their phone a bit more frequently, and some carriers offer discounts on their regular plans for their customers that are senior citizens. Read on to find out what you need to know about the top three cell phone plans for seniors.

T-Mobile Plans

T-Mobile offers a pay-as-you-go plan for just $3 per month. This plan allows users any combination of 30 text messages or 30 minutes of phone time. The price is even better for seniors with cell phones! For users that will require a new device, T-Mobile has cell phones for seniors that start at just $60. This plan is perfect for seniors that are just looking for a mobile device that will keep them in touch with their loved ones. This plan will not work for people that are looking for a plan that includes data. There is a $20 start fee with this plan, whether you buy a new phone or bring your own.


  • Plans for just $3 per month
  • 30 mins or 30 seconds of phone time.
  • $20 starting fee.


Cricket offers a basic wireless plan that is a good fit for people that use their phones for more than just emergencies but are also not huge data users. The Cricket Wireless Basic plan includes 5GB of data along with unlimited talk and text. If the customer utilizes this plan is available for an incredibly reasonable $35 per month. It is $40 with traditional payments. This is a great option for seniors that enjoy some access to the web but do not require a huge data plan. If your grandparent is somewhat tech savvy, or likes to receive pics of the grandkids while on the go, this is a great choice!


  • Good for short- or long-term use
  • Cricket Wireless Basic plan includes 5GB of data along with unlimited talk and text
  • Seniors get small discounts

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile offers an unlimited plan that does not require a contract, unlike many of the other large carriers. The plan is truly unlimited, not just in text and talk, but with mobile too! If you enjoy having mobile access to the net but do not want to sign up for a lengthy contract term, check out the Boost plan for seniors. The cost is around $50 per month and because there are no contract requirements, this is a great plan for short periods of time when increased connectivity is necessary.


  • No-contract unlimited plan
  • Contract is around $50/month
  • No cancellation fees


Whether you are looking for a phone yourself, or have a loved one that is a senior, it is likely that one of these plans will be a good fit. If you already have a mobile service but feel that your plan contains a lot of options that you don’t use or need, it might be worth the time to ask your present carrier what senior plans are available.