Bottled water delivery services can save you time in money. However, choosing the best water delivery service isn’t as simple as it might seem. There are many companies to choose from, and different companies offer their own rates and delivery schedules. Also, some companies might offer better deals on office water systems as opposed to straight-up bottled water delivery. Your decision might also be affected if you want a hot water delivery system. Or, a company’s recycling and sustainability programs might earn your business. We have reviewed many water bottle delivery services and the top three are Deerpark, Mountain Valley, and Crystal Springs. Keep reading to learn more about these top-rated options.

Top 3 Bottled Water Delivery Services

  • Deerpark
  • Mountain Valley
  • Crystal Springs


Deerpark is a great option and one of our top picks. Deerpark offers three options for their dispensers depending on your needs. The website offers a convenient calculator in which you can put in your household information and it will help guide you on what option might work best for your particular situation. In addition, Deerpark has flexible delivery options. Most people choose the monthly delivery option. However, if you are short on space, you may want to consider a more frequent plan so the empty canisters do not take up too much room. Deerpark has three different dispenser options as well. One of them is free once you place a recurring order and you can rent or buy the other two.


  • Deer Park uses the ReadyRefresh system to makes it easier to change orders, delivery frequencies and times.
  • Deerpark is owned by Nestle and you can add the company’s other products to your order.
  • Deerpark has the option to purchase the dispenser instead of renting it.

Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley bottled water delivery also makes our top-three list. Mountain Valley partners with local companies to distribute its products, so if you are in an area with few delivery services, then this company might be right for you. Mountain Valley offers its consumers an impressive amount of minerals in its product; in addition, the product is sodium free. Mountain Valley comes in two sizes and you can opt for one of two different dispensers. Due to the fact that Mountain Valley uses local distributors, the frequencies of delivery is going to vary along with the pricing.


  • Mountain Valley is one of the oldest water companies in the country, it began operation in 1871 and was once referred to as the “Water of Presidents.”
  • The water canisters are made of glass which eliminates any concern of BPA or other chemicals that can come with plastic.
  • Mountain Valley has naturally high alkalinity which is known to help ease digestion.

Crystal Springs

If you are looking for a variety of water options, then you may want to look at Crystal Springs, which offers five different varieties of waters. Crystal Springs has two different water dispenser options to choose from, and both of those options offer hot and cold water. One of the unique things about Crystal Springs is that you can add quite a bit of products to your order. For example, you can also order packets of Crystal Light to be delivered or packets of hot chocolate in the winter months. They also offer coffee and tea delivery services which are nice if you are ordering for your office. Crystal Springs has a nice online interface which is easy to manage your account from and also offers plenty of online support.


  • The five different varieties of water offered are spring, mineral, purified, fluoridated water, or distilled water.
  • Due to the fact that Crystal Spring is considered a food manufacturer, their quality, packaging, and safety requirements fall under federal regulations, ensuring you and your family’s safety.
  • Crystal Springs also offer a water filtration program that will use your current water supply to provide you with fresh filtered water.


All three bottled water delivery companies are great options if you are thinking about signing up for a contract. Always make sure you call around to ensure you are getting the best price and always read the contract carefully as you are making a commitment.