Anyone who has ever operated a motor vehicle fleet understands the pain that comes with trying to track every vehicle as it goes about its daily business. Most people solve this dilemma by relying on the GPS fleet tracking system. Every company has its benefits and drawbacks which make business owners’ heads spin. With so many options to choose from, which offer the highest quality services for tracking these valuable investments? The top four GPS fleet tracking companies are Verizon, Fleetistics, Nex Traq, and Rhino Fleet Tracking.

The Top 4 GPS Fleet Tracking companies

  • Verizon
  • Fleetistics
  • Nex Traq
  • Rhino Fleet Tracking


Most people know Verizon from its famous commercials with the “can you hear me now” person who claimed Verizon had service basically anywhere on Earth. These claims are backed up by the fact that Verizon offers one of the best GPS fleet tracking services. In addition to a strong GPS signal at all times, the company features no startup fee or cancellation fee. They offer popular mobile reporting options that indicate the status of the vehicles in the fleet and provide users the ability to customize these reports to feature what is important for their individual needs.


  • People will rarely lose a GPS signal with Verizon.
  • They do not have a startup or cancellation fee.
  • People can receive mobile reports and customize these reports to meet their needs.


While this company may not be as well-known as their counterparts, they are certainly a popular choice within the industry. This company is popular because of its lack of installation fee and a monthly price per vehicle of only $25. This is one of the lowest in the industry. With powerful GPS tracking software, uers can even tell how fast their vehicles are traveling with this service and when the vehicle is idling. It even sends warnings when vehicles stop short on the brakes.


  • There is no installation fee and a low monthly price per vehicle.
  • This service gives users information on vehicle speed.
  • It also tells the users when they have slammed on their breaks.

Nex Traq

Nex Traq offers high-end GPS vehicle trackers with no installation fees! This service gives users the ability to plan routes and stops for the vehicles and tracks them to ensure they stay on the planned course. It also gives the home base information on the vehicle ID so the business knows which vehicle is which on the GPS system. Furthermore, it shows information on vehicle maintenance and the fuel status.


  • Get GPS vehicle trackers with no installation fees.
  • It gives businesses the ability to plan routes and stops for each vehicle.
  • It warns the home base about each vehicle’s maintenance and fuel status.

Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking is popular because it is the cheapest fleet tracking option in the business. It does not have a cancellation fee, no installation fee, and it has a low price per vehicle of only $16.95 per month. No company will stop this value. it provides unique information on engine fault codes so users remain aware of what is happening to their vehicles on the road. It also does not require a professional to install the hardware, saving people money.


  • Rhino Fleet Tracking is the cheapest GPS fleet tracking option on the market in more than one way.
  • It is unique because it provides information on engine fault codes.
  • It does not require a professional to install the equipment.


Ultimately, every GPS fleet tracking company has its positives and negatives. People simply need to make sure they select the GPS fleet tracking service that will best suit the needs of their business.