Afforable dental insurance is more important than ever. The cost of dental care can be astounding without dental insurance. Anyone who has a family or who may need extensive dental care in the future should consider purchasing a high quality dental insurance plan from a top provider. Not all dental plans are the same, and it can be difficult to discern which companies offer the best rates for the care they provide. The following is information on the best, most affordable dental plans currently available. They offer a wide range of coverage and allow people to get the care they need while saving money. The three most affordable dental plans include Humana Dental Savings Plan, Cigna Dental Savings, and Delta Dental. 

Humana Dental Savings Plan

Humana is one of the leading health care providers in the country. They are known for their high quality, low price plans, including great dental plans. They have options that are designed to fit most budgets and are considerably lower than most options on the market today. Currently a basic dental plan is approximately $9 per month. Some states may be required to pay an enrollment fee if they choose to accept the plan. This plan not only covers a large portion of preventative care costs, but can also help cover certain prescriptions. This is an excellent option for people who are on a budget and want to get top quality care.


  • Low cost
  • Great for families
  • Helpful website

Cigna Dental Savings

The Cigna Dental Savings plan allows people to access dental services at a discounted price. The plan requires the customer to pay a yearly fee of around $100 and they will then be able to get a deep discount of around 40% on basic services. They also offer programs for around $40 to $60 more that are tailored to meet the needs of either seniors or families. A representative can help enroll individuals in the program and find participating care providers that can give the lowest price for services.


  • Helpful representatives
  • Deep discounts
  • Variety of plans

Delta Dental

Delta is one of the top providers of dental care programs in the country and has an extensive network. They offer low cost plans that most people on a budget can afford. In addition, the Delta Dental plan is basically a traditional dental plan rather than a discount program. There is no deductible for the plan to kick in and there are no waiting periods to get services completed upon enrollment. As soon as the member is enrolled they can use their benefits right away. They are a great option for people who plan to visit the dentist frequently or who have families to enroll in the program.


  • Traditional dental plan
  • Low cost
  • Large network


Anyone who is shopping for a low cost dental insurance plan should check out these top providers. They deliver affordable services and can help individuals and families get the dental care they need without having to pay a large out of pocket bill when they get dental services.