There is nothing better than kicking off your weekend of gaming by setting up a fresh server for your latest tournament. But with so many game server hosting services out there, which one gives you the best bang for your buck? You need to look for a service that supports all the latest games, has responsive customer service, and of course, the hardware to back it all up. They should have solid state hard drives, server farms in multiple locations, and the latest security systems to protect against DDoS attacks. The top game server hosting services that offer these features are Low.MS, Host Havoc, and Survival Servers. Read on to learn which one is designed to best support your next gaming session.

Top Game Server Hosting Services

  • Low.MS
  • Host Havoc
  • Survival Servers


This hosting service offers all the perks you need to host your next gaming session, whether you are talking Minecraft, Factorio, or 7 Days to Die. With upfront pricing, click, select your game, pay, and you are ready to bring all the competitors onboard instantly. If you have your own control panel you like to use, go ahead! Each account has full FTP control as well as the Low.MS control panel with intuitive controls. If you are worried about lag, don’t. All their servers feature the latest solid-state drives with 4.2 GHz of processing power so everybody can maintain their real-time stats without waiting. Servers start at just $7.50 per month.


  • Instant Setup
  • Full Control using own panel or theirs
  • SSD Powered with 4.2 GHz of processing power

Host Havoc

Are your gaming friends situated across the world? So is Host Havoc. They have servers located throughout the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and in Australia, so you never experience lag time. If you love to chat and strategize during competition you can add on a TeamSpeak server for just an additional $4 per month. Minecraft is still as popular as ever, but there is no need to pay a premium price to get a tournament going. For just $2.50 a month, you and your friends can keep playing all year long without breaking the bank. If you wish to extend your web presence, Host Havoc also offers standard web hosting, too.


  • Low priced Minecraft servers
  • Add-on TeamSpeak servers available
  • Game servers on three continents

Survival Servers

If you are looking for a game server that really stays current with all the latest games and mods, check out Survival Servers. Their servers always have the latest updates ready for your players to download. Select from servers designed specifically for Arma, Reign of Kings, and Citadel: Forged with Fire. If you love to tweak your game, their forums provide all the best third-party add-ons. Of course, their servers are protected from the most recent DDoS attacks, so you and your friends will experience more up-time and not spend your time waiting for a server reboot. Pricing is higher than the rest of the competition, starting at $23.40 per month, but there are discounts available and if you refer your friends, you can get a 10% discount applied to your account for life.


  • DDoS protection on all servers
  • Current games and mods available
  • Available 3rd party tools


When selecting the best game server hosting service, always check to see that your game is supported, there is instant setup so you can get going, and that the server is protected against DDoS attacks. Look for the add-ons your crew demands like TeamSpeak and 3rd-party mods, so you can explore your digital world to your heart’s content. Your best bets are Low.MS, Survival Servers, and Host Havoc. Check them out to see if they can meet your hosting needs.