Race car lessons are a unique and exciting opportunity for any car enthusiast. For those interested in buying a high-performance vehicle, race car lessons will help you develop the driving skills you need to successfully drive the super car of your choice, making you safer and more comfortable. Even if you can’t afford a race car yourself, race car lessons can be a great way to get some excitement in your life, if just for a little while. Many high-performance driving schools offer race car lessons of different varieties and lengths, giving you as much or as little time as you need. Keep reading to learn more about the top programs for race car lessons and what they have to offer.

Skip Barber Racing School

The Skip Barber Racing School is the perfect school for racing enthusiasts. The school offers intensive driving instructions with students behind the wheel of performance cars like the Mazda MX-5, the Porsche 911 and the Mustang GT. Teaching the dynamics of driving high performance vehicles, drivers will receive two 25 minute sessions. Additionally, drivers will have different options when it comes to the type of program they want: a high performance driving school and an advanced high performance driving school. Each program is one day and shows students all the practices and techniques needed to handle a race car. Further, there is also a 3 day racing school and a 2 day advanced racing school. All drivers hoping to attend this school must be 18 years old and know how to operate a manual transmission.


  • Must know how to drive stick-shift
  • Two 25 minutes sessions required
  • Different program options

Danny McKeever’s Fast Lane

The Fast Lane Racing School is set up at the world famous Willow Springs Raceway located in the greater Los Angeles Area. Operating for 20 years, it has been the official Racing School of Toyota. The school offers a few different course options including Intro to High Performance, One and Two day High Performance classes, Two day SCCA Accredited and Advanced Lapping. It also offers Defensive driving lessons, as well as High Speed EVOC courses. If you want to gift racing lessons for a loved one, the school offers Gift Certificates that any car enthusiast would love.


  • Offers Gift Certificates
  • Operating for 20 years and counting
  • Different course options

Bondurant Racing School

The Bondurant Racing School offers drivers a chance to build driving skills in new ways never before discovered. Drivers will not only gain control of a race car, but they’ll also learn weight transfer, downshifting and race line theory. Those who complete the course will be eligible for a SCCA license. Drivers must be proficient in manual shifting, but otherwise can be any skill level from beginner to seasoned veterans. Both a 3-day and 4-day course is available, depending on your needs. Compared to other driving schools, the Bondurant Racing School offers the most complete experience possible.


  • Learn weight transfer and race line theory
  • 3 and 4 day driving school
  • Successful drivers will be SCCA license eligible

Ford Performance Racing School

The Ford Performance Racing School brought to you by Ford is one of the most exciting racing experiences ever. The school offers a ton of options including one and two day lessons. Drivers will have access to a 4.5 mile world-class track that is the longest in North America. Instructors are experienced racers and make up a 1:3 instructor-student ratio, giving students plenty of one on one time with an instructor. With the completion of a 4-day course, students can earn a NASA racing license.


  • Earn a NASA racing license
  • 1:3 instructor-student ratio
  • One and two day lessons available


Even if you don’t plan to become a professional race car driver, race car lessons can be a fun and exciting experience you can’t find at any amusement park. With the right racing school you can develop your skills as a driver while enjoying yourself in the process. An experienced team of racing professionals will help you develop the skills and knowledge to operate any race car or high performance vehicle, provided you at least know how to drive stick-shift.