Both Purple and Sleep Number beds are some of the most popular and highest quality mattresses on the market today. Also not to be overlooked is Saatva, maker of the luxurious Zenhaven mattress. Some of the many reasons these beds have become so desired is because they offer exceptional comfort for a great night’s sleep. Other types of mattresses don’t have nearly as many benefits and features and may cost about the same price. Many shoppers are trying to get the most for their money and have come to realize that investing in these brands will allow them to get a variety of features and durability. Right now, the top places to shop for these brands include Amazon, The Sleep Number Store, and Purple. Zenhaven’s website is the best place to find deals on this special Saatva mattress. Keep reading to discover more information about these leading mattresses and some of the top deals available for each brand. 

Zenhaven Saatva

The Zenhaven bed system, produced by Saatva, is truly one of a kind. Choose either the stationary Zenhaven foundation or the Lineal Adjustable Base for the ultimate in customizable comfort. Then, choose your size—the Zenhaven is available as a twin, twin XL, full-sized, queen, king, or Cal king bed. The Zenhaven mattress is a natural latex model that instantly responds to each person’s curves and pressure points. Comfort is enhanced by a patented five-layer design, and a flame-retardant dual-sided wool barrier adds breathability and helps to wick away moisture during the night. The end result is a durable, elegant mattress guaranteed to deliver years of blissful use.


  • Fixed or adjustable base options
  • Made with natural latex
  • Available in many sizes

The Sleep Number Store

The Sleep Number store features most of the Sleep Number beds that are currently being manufactured. They have a style and model that fits just about any need. They are also reasonably priced and can be a better option than a traditional bed because they can be set to provide just the right amount of support. The Sleep Number C2 queen adjustable bed for only $999 at The Sleep Number Store right now. This model not only adjusts automatically, but it also tracks sleep patterns over time to give valuable feedback the owner can use to customize sleep settings. This mattress is 60” x 80” and would be a great addition for even smaller rooms.


  • Custom settings
  • Adjusts automatically
  • Tracks sleep patterns


Purple mattresses are different than memory foam mattresses because they are engineered from a custom polymer material that doesn’t retain heat when the person is sleeping to give a more restful night’s sleep. They are also durable and don’t leave a dip or indentation unlike traditional mattresses. The company also features one of the leading warranties on mattresses in the industry. They offer a 100 night trial to help buyers determine if they are the right choice for them. The purple store is currently featuring the 3” comfort grid queen mattress for $2199, which also includes a free sheet set for customers who make a purchase.


  • Free sheets
  • Comfort grid
  • 100 night trial


Amazon is one of the top retailers for most housewares including mattresses. This is also a great place to snag a deal on a Purple mattress. They offer a few different models to choose from and also deliver the mattress free of charge. The Purple mattress is a great option for people who want a bed that will mold to the curves of the body and provide exceptional support without getting hot like memory foam mattresses. Ultimate queen bed for $999. This model is 80"x60"x9.5” and would be a great option for anyone who wants continued support without and indentation over time. This item also includes free shipping and a limited manufacturer warranty.


  • Cool 
  • No indentations
  • Free shipping


Anyone who is in the market for a top quality mattress should check out Sleep Number, Saatva Zenhaven, and Purple. These top manufacturers have quality products that have been designed to last and feature options that other brands don’t. They are a great investment for people who want a great night’s sleep.