Choosing the right healthy diet plan is key for reaching your health and fitness goals. Whether your goal is to shed unwanted weight or to simply improve your fitness for exercising, numerous diet plans can help to curb your calories and help you make better decisions at the dinner table. Keep in mind that everyone is different in terms of dieting—there’s no single answer about which diets work best for you. That said, we’ve evaluated several of the leading diet plans to bring you our top three. Read on to learn more about what we’ve found are the best all-around healthy diet plans.

Top 3 Healthy Diet Plans:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Nutrisystem
  • Atkins

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is our top-rated pick because of its gentle, effective take on dieting. Rather than hold customers to eating tiny portions of low-calorie foods, Weight Watchers works by assigning all foods point values. Weight Watchers dieters must stay within each day’s allotment of points. This approach is great because there are no dietary restrictions—you can still eat that chocolate cake—as long as you don’t go over your point total. Not only does Weight Watchers offer tools and tips on dieting, but it teaches healthy diet habits. Also, people can join free online and be members for free until they’ve lost their first 10 pounds. Get personal coaching or share your journey with others in the Weight Watchers online community. Weight Watchers also has physical offices in many cities.


  • Visit local WW clinics or get support online.
  • Emphasis is on staying within points budget, not cutting certain foods completely.
  • Personal diet coaches are available.


Nutrisystem provides customers with bars, shakes and premade frozen meals that are low on calories and high in nutriends. The company offers a variety of four-week plans in which customers eat up to five times per day. Also, customers don’t have to give up their favorite foods—each week offers four flex meals in which clients choose recipes from the Nutrisystem cook book. Most people who follow Nutrisystem diets lose one to two pounds per week. Even better, the foods are delivered straight to your door.


  • Free shipping on some orders.
  • No-hassle premade meals and snacks.
  • Costs less than $12 per day.


Atkins is a diet plan that has been around for years. Its premise is the high-protein, low-carb approach that made veggie wraps and lettuce buns popular. The premise of Atkins is you’ll burn more calories by minimizing carbohydrates and fueling your muscles and metabolism with protein. Shopping for Atkins-friendly meals is easy thanks to marked, branded foods sold at most grocery stores. In addition, Atkins offers two diet plans—the standard Atkins 20 and the Atkins 40. If you want to lose more than 40 pounds, go with the traditional Atkins 20. Less than that, and you’d go with the 40. Atkins offers a number of free tools for its customers including apps, meal plans and a thriving online community.


  • Low-carb approach to dieting.
  • Food available at grocery stores.
  • Apps and other tools available.


Going on a diet is never easy, but it’s much easier and effective if you choose the plan that’s right for you. This list is only a starting point. Maybe one of these diets will work for you, or maybe you’ll eventually find better luck with an entirely different plan. Either way, these top-rated healthy diet plans can start you on your journey.