Electronic signature services provide the security and convenience required to remotely sign important documents. Traditionally, documents had to be printed off, then signed and scanned back into the computer. They usually needed to be reformatted and sent back, or you had to wait for them in the mail and sign them and mail them back. Now uers can sign documents in seconds with electronic signature services. Many companies realize the benefit of this process, especially ones that rely heavily on contracts and other signed documents. Not only do e-signature services save time, but they can also provide an extra layer of security and can be safer than signing the traditional way. E-signatures are still legally binding documents, as long as there is consent and intent, which is often the case. The top three electronic signature services include DocuSign, eSignLive, and SignNow. Read on to learn what you need to know about these important services.

Top Three Electronic Signature Services

  • DocuSign
  • eSignLive
  • SignNow


DocuSign is the most popular solution on the market. Not only is it easy to use, but it also integrates with a range of third party tools, making it incredibly flexible. There are a number of APIs that can allow for custom integrations into current systems. The platform can be used for various types of documents, including contracts, permission slips, approvals, and agreements. Users can upload documents, email to signers, and even specify the order in which individuals should sign. Users can add tags to indicate where documents can be signed. The dashboard allows the users to see all the documents set out, as well as which stage of the process the documents are in. There is also a strong emphasis on security, and the signature process has been given many high-level security certifications in both the US and Europe. There is a mobile app for Android and Apple users. All DocuSign plans come with a free 30-day trial. The standard plan is $25 per month per user, but there are more advanced plans as well.


  • Easy to Use
  • Emphasis on Security
  • Mobile App


eSignLive positions itself as a company for large enterprises and has a lot of large clients it already works with, including BMW and IBM. Businesses can use the software as part of a cloud-based system, or as part of their on-premise software. There are integrations and APIs available and the software can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. Even though it has a position for large businesses, it can also be used for small business with its easy-to-use interface. eSignLive allows users to upload documents and assign multiple signatures to each signer. Users can also create their own workflows. There are two plans available; the Professional plan is $20 per month per user and the Enterprise plan requires a custom quote from the company.


  • Great for Both Large and Small Businesses
  • Cloud-Based or On-Premise Options
  • Ease of Use


SignNow has received awards for its mobile friendly and simple-to-use software. It’s great for small businesses because it has a straightforward interface. Users can view the details of the signing, such as the IP address, date of signing, and the devices used for both signing and creating the document. There is a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices, which allows for signing documents on the go. The software can be integrated with programs such as Office 365 and Google Drive. It’s much cheaper then other services, at only $5 per month per user, for unlimited sending and templates. For more features, the Business Premium plan is only $15 per month per user.


  • Cheaper than Some Competitors
  • Audit Log Display
  • Mobile App


There are many options available for e-signature services, and businesses that choose options that are easy to use and secure will save a lot of time when managing the signing process.