If your family is facing mobility challenges, you might be looking into adding a wheelchair van to your driveway. You will want a van that not only is able to provide a ramp or lift to carry the wheelchair and its rider in comfort, but also fits your lifestyle. If the lift is for a child or senior that doesn’t drive, the options are greater compared to one that puts you behind the wheel. However, if you are concerned about cost there are solutions available that will fit most budgets. If you want your minivan to look the same after conversion, one that offers easy loading options, or one where you can get behind the wheel, there are fabulous and functional choices available. The top wheelchair vans on the market include the Honda Odyssey, the Dodge Caravan, and the GMC Yukon XL. Keep reading to learn more.

Top Wheelchair Vans

  • Honda Odyssey
  • Dodge Caravan
  • GMC Yukon XL

Honda Odyssey

When shopping for a new wheelchair van for your loved one, the Honda Odyssey tops the list with its availability direct from the Honda factory. You are able to order your minivan with all the options you want along with the wheelchair accessibility. The available lift or ramp fits through the existing sliding side door, so there is no noticeable difference between your van and your neighbor’s. Ramps are able to support up to 1,000 pounds, so you can stand on the ramp at the same time the heavy power chair is being moved inside. There are also ramp kits available from popular after-market companies designed for the Odyssey. The Odyssey is priced at $30,090 before conversion.


  • No exterior retro-fit required
  • Can be ordered new from the dealer
  • Able to support weight up to 1,000 pounds

Dodge Caravan

The Dodge Caravan is possibly the most popular minivan option for a wheelchair conversion. The base van has the lowest price on the new car market starting at $26,500 compared to other vans designed to be converted, but with all the room and function your entire family requires. You can opt for a rear-loading lift or ramp on the Caravan, which helps you to maneuver in tight apartment building parking lots that don’t have multiple handicapped spaces. Even after the rear conversion, steps are taken to maintain the rear crumple zones, protecting the occupant of the wheelchair in case of an accident. These conversion kits can be applied to new or used vehicles while increasing access for your family member and maintaining all safety features in the van.


  • Most affordable starter vehicle
  • Rear-loading option available
  • Maintains all crash-safety tolerances

GMC Yukon XL

Perhaps you are looking for the best mobility option for you. If you want to get behind the wheel of your own vehicle, check out the GMC Yukon XL. This large SUV can be converted to add a lift with access to the driver or front passenger area. In the back, there is still seating for up to 6 and room for groceries or luggage. Order your SUV with rear-wheel or four-wheel drive if you want to explore more of your world while staying safe over slippery roads. Its hefty design means you can also tow your accessible RV behind or take your boat to the lake for some fun. This conversion requires a significant investment but pays you back with newfound freedom. This options starts with an MSRP of $53,495.


  • Can be fitted for driver access
  • Available in four-wheel drive
  • Able to tow a trailer


While there are many vehicles that can be retro-fitted to keep your mobility challenged family on the move, there are only three that offer the access, flexibility, and design you require. Make sure to work with your rehab facility and wheelchair van conversion company to get the vehicle that best fits your needs and budget.