Children grow up fast. And it won’t be long before you have to send your small child school. The problem is that many parents send them off before they are even ready. But with the right early childhood education learning center, your child will be more prepared socially and academically to do well in Kindergarten and beyond. Not only will your child develop the skills to be better prepared for learning, but they’ll also learn how to better interact with other students and teachers. So, why not give your child the head start they deserve. Early Childhood Education centers can help your child thrive in an educational environment so they don’t struggle when they go to grade school later on. Don’t wait any longer. The top early childhood education programs include TOP, The Goddard School and The Children’s Courtyard. If you are interested in early childhood education for your child, read on to find out about these top schools.

Top 3 Early Childhood Education

  • TOP
  • The Goddard School
  • The Children’s Courtyard


TOP, also known as The Opportunity Project, aims to provide children with educational motivation and the intellectual tools necessary to thrive in school. TOP schools use a variety of learning activities and programs that are fun for children. Serving children age 1 to 5, TOP schools provide your child with superior education and care, so that every child feels special in their own way. It’s the best way to give your child a successful path for learning. With every enrollment for the fall, TOP early learning centers will provide your child with a backpack for free. To Learn more, you can check out The Opportunity Project website where you can take a virtual tour of their facilities or contact them by email. You can also download enrollment forms from the website. Check it out now.


  • Prepares children for kindergarten and beyond
  • Serves children ages 1 to 5
  • Free backpack upon enrollment

The Goddard School

The Goddard School offers quality education on every level. Highly trained teachers at The Goddard School use effective, proven methods that will ensure children will learn something while they are having fun. The Goddard School provides a number of different programs you can enroll your child in including programs on manners, computers, cultures and even foreign languages. Most other early childhood education programs don’t offer these programs, easily separating it from the competition, and making your child excel in their future grade school. Going off of the fun learning experience philosophy, The Goddard School encourages kids to participate in activities like chess, yoga, music and drama so that they can have fun and learn all at the same time. Students of The Goddard School score 45% higher on math and literacy assessments than any other students. And with a strong emphasis on health and safety, you know they are a school you can trust. If you want your child to succeed above the rest, the Goddard School is a great place to start.


  • Goddard students score 45% higher on assessments
  • Students play and learn at the same time
  • Foreign language classes offered

The Children’s Courtyard

The Children’s Courtyard will start your child on the best path to elementary school. Helpingyour child build the foundations for learning, your child is sure to grow and prepare for success – that’s the The Children’s Courtyard promise. Their School Readiness Pathway provides a variety of different options so your child can find success where they need it. Located in Texas, there are nearly 30 centers spread across the state. You can use the website’s tool to find a location closest to you. If you’d like to check out the school, you can schedule a tour of their facilities online or call by telephone to learn more. Programs for infants and toddlers, early preschool, and pre-kindergarten are all available. There’s even an accelerated pre-kindergarten program, so if your child is starting school soon, don’t worry. It’s not too late.


  • Accelerated pre-kindergarten programs
  • infant and toddler program available
  • Sign up for a tour online


The best time to prepare your young child for elementary school is now. Early childhood education programs can prepare your child for success all the way through elementary school and beyond. Give your child a head start, making learn easier and more fun for them in the future. You won’t regret it.