There are many situations which may cause a traveler to acquire a passport in a hurry. Everything from family emergencies to last-minute business travel plans can require the need to expedite a passport. Those travelers who forgot to get their passport or renew it may also require the services of an expedited passport. Travelers in need of a passport in a hurry can take a breath and relax a little bit. There are a variety of options available to help receive the passport in time for unexpected travel. These options include visiting a Passport Center, paying to expedite it at an Acceptance Facility and getting a renewal expedited via mail. Continue reading to learn more about the expedited passport services available.

Expediting a Passport

  • At a Passport Center
  • At an Acceptance Facility
  • Through the Mail

Expediting Services at a Passport Center

The fastest place to get a passport expedited is at a Passport Agency or Center. It is best to call the nearest center to make an appointment and discuss why a passport is needed in such a hurry. Passport Centers are regional and not in all states. Before going to the appointment gather up all documents, such as passport application (DS-11), birth certificate and any other forms needed. For life-or-death situations requiring travel outside the United States within the next three days, proof of the emergency is also needed. There will be a $60 fee added to the overall costs of obtaining a passport to have it expedited. Depending upon the circumstances, it may be possible to walk out with the passport in hand, but this is not guaranteed.


  • Call Passport Agency or Center for appointment
  • Gather up all documents
  • Pay $60 expediting fee

Expediting Passports at an Acceptance Facility

It is possible to have a passport expedited from a local Passport Acceptance Facility. Passport services are often available at local post offices, libraries, clerks of court and select local public agencies. Many of these locations require appointments, but some offer walk-in services as well. Have all the required paperwork ready, including passport application (DS-11) and proof of citizenship. Having everything ready will prevent the need to go home and get additional paperwork, which could delay the process. Be prepared to pay for all application fees plus $60 to expedite it. The passport will be expedited and mailed to the applicant’s home address.


  • Passport Acceptance Facilities are local
  • Make an appointment
  • Bring require documents and fees

Expediting Passports through the Mail

The only passports which can be expedited through the mail are those which are being renewed. Completely fill out the renewal by mail form (DS-82) and gather up all required documents. The renewal form will list all items needed to be sent in with the application. Send a check or money order for all the fees, including the $60 fee to expedite it. Clearly mare the outside of the envelope with the word “Expedite.” If needed in a hurry, it may be best to mail the passport application using overnight delivery from the post office or other delivery services. Once processed, the passport will be mailed to the applicant’s residence. Application fees and the expedite fee do not include 1-2 day delivery service. For an additional $15.89, the passport can be mailed back to the applicant with a faster delivery time.


  • Only available for renewals
  • Mark envelope with “expedite”
  • Pay fees for renewal and 1-2 day delivery


There are many reasons why someone may need to have a passport expedited. Where someone goes to apply for the passport will depend upon how fast the passport is needed and if it is a new passport or a renewal. When needed, all of the above-listed services can help get a passport in a hurry.