Don’t miss your chance to sign up for open enrollment healthcare plans! With only a 45-day window, it can be easy to miss the opportunity to sign up for individual healthcare coverage. Typically, the open enrollment period runs from November 1st to December 15th, except for specific states that have extended these windows. To prepare for open enrollment, individuals need to be ready to provide information on their households, income, and any current coverage. It’s best not to wait, either; missing this window means that individuals may have to wait an entire year before being able to sign up again, unless there is a special consideration such as marriage, divorce, or birth of a child. There are four categories of plans in the health insurance marketplace: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Bronze has the highest cost-sharing, which means the premiums are lower but the out-of-pocket expenses are higher, including deductibles, copays, and co-insurance. At the top of the tiers, Platinum has the lowest out-of-pocket expenses. The top three open enrollment healthcare plans include Bright Health, Oscar, and Ambetter Health. Read on to discover what you need to know about these open enrollment healthcare plans.

Top 3 Open Enrollment Healthcare Plans

  • Bright Health
  • Oscar
  • Ambetter Health

Bright Health

Originally based in Minneapolis, Bright Health is a growing health insurance company that has added states to its coverage area each year. This healthcare plan partners with a specific healthcare provider system in each area it serves, stabilizing costs, streamlining the relationship between insurance company and providers, and improving overall services. This insurance company maintains relationships with hospitals, specialty centers, clinics, and primary are doctors in every service area. Bright Health offers Medicare plans, including Medicare Advantage, in many states. Their Bright Rewards system gives participants cash rewards throughout the year for making healthy choices, while the Bright Health Secure policy offers additional coverage in case of injury or accident.


  • Relationships with area hospitals and clinics
  • Bright Rewards system for healthy choices
  • Bright Health Secure offers additonal coverage


Founded in 2012, Oscar is an insurance company that prides itself on being on the cutting edge. A growing company, Oscar focuses on providing care through telemedicine, technology, and transparent pricing. Customers enjoy benefits like the Oscar App, a smartphone app that helps patients to find a doctor, see prescriptions and lab work, earn rewards by counting steps each day, and track deductibles. The Doctor on Call feature is a free service that allows customers to talk with a board-certified doctor within 15 minutes of requesting a call. The Oscar Center provides a full-service primary care practice, including free events and classes. Serving more than 10 states, this growing company continues to expand across the U.S.


  • Oscar App is easy to use
  • Oscar connects patients with medical professionals
  • Provides full-service primary care

Ambetter Health

Ambetter Health is a well-known health insurance marketplace plan, as it is the largest provider with more than 1.5 million members. This company offers a wide range of programs to promote better health. A 24/7 advice line allows customers to talk with a registered nurse to discuss a variety of concerns, as a follow up to appointments or a stand-alone service. The Care Management Program assigns a case manager to work with patients who have complex healthcare needs to coordinate the best care. The My Health Pays Rewards Program allows patients to earn rewards and decrease healthcare costs by completing and logging healthy activities. Some plans offered by Ambetter Health also include dental and vision coverage.


  • More than 1.5 million members
  • 24/7 advice line
  • Rewards program to decrease healthcare costs


Don’t neglect your health! Secure the best coverage possible by researching open enrollment healthcare plans to find the one that will fit your unique needs.