The coming year is sure to be an exciting one for anyone looking for a new phone, and all of the major carriers are offering great deals on the year’s best phones. If you are in the market for a new iPhone, LG, or Samsung device, you are in luck! If your current device is paid for or you are out of contract, the major carriers are offering great deals! Now is the time to get an advanced new phone while enjoying a great deal at the same time!

Samsung Deals

Samsung users have a lot of savings options for the latest models, with Best Buy offering some of the deepest price cuts. The Galaxy Note 8, the 8, and the 8+ are all currently available for a whopping 50% off! The devices are offered through Best Buy’s partnership with Sprint, so you will need to either be a current customer of that carrier or be in a position where you are able to switch carriers. These phones are especially popular with gamers and other users that demand a high-level visual experience from their smartphone. There is also a great offer for the Samsung S7 that starts at the super low $7.99 a month.


  • 50 percent off phones at Best Buy
  • Best Buy has a partnership with Sprint
  • Great offers for the Galaxy S7

LG Deals

AT&T, one of the most popular cell phone carriers, often has great deals on devices for both current customers and those that switch over to the service to realize some great savings. The LG phones that are currently experiencing special offer is the futuristic V30. In fact, new customers can enjoy a buy-one-get-one promotion when a new line is added to a current account. When you purchase a new V30 you can receive either an additional V30, an X, or an LG G6, as long as you meet certain conditions. This deal is especially attractive to AT&T customers that currently have DirectTV or are interested in getting the service. There are several conditions that must be met to receive this deal so make sure you read the fine print!


  • V30 BOGO offer from AT&T
  • Customers can also get an X or G6 phone
  • Get DirecTV services with an LG V30

iPhone Deals

Everyone is excited about the iPhone X, and if you are not ready to take the leap to a 4-digit phone the 8 is still chock-full of some great new features. T-Mobile is currently offering some extraordinary deals if you are willing to switch over to their service. The X can be bought outright for $279, a fraction of the regular retail price of $999, or you can opt for a payment plan of $30 a month for 24 months, interest-free. The iPhone 8, still an exciting upgrade, is available to new subscribers for $29/month for two years. T-Mobile is really looking to attract new iPhone users and they are offering some great deals if you are willing to switch carriers.


  • T-Mobile deals on the iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 available for $29/month
  • X available for $30/month


There are a lot of great deals currently available if you are in the market for a new iPhone, LG, or Samsung smartphone. These top deals are worth checking out!